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DNS setting help, strange occurrences...

I have a few quick questions to ask regarding my dns setup etc... I had it working for a brief second earlier, everything the way i wanted it. Basically i am trying to forward my domain to my frihost account, while using my google apps for mail. I set up an a record to redirect to the frihost ip (with my domain registrar), and set up a mal.a; CNAME directed at the google URL. In my Cpanel, i added my domain, and uploaded an HTML to test.

The frihost address with my site works on all my computers... But this is the strange part... On my PC with IE, and firefox, i can type in my site, either or, and it gets redirected favicon and all. When i do the same on my mac in safari and opera, no dice! It goes to the turquoise "Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server" page. no matter what i do, have emptied cache etc...

my would not redirect on either computer, but did on the pc (i believe my error in the CNAME, i included the www in the redirect?)

my nor my work, the just get forwarded to that turquoise page, and is in the address bar.

Can anyone shed some light as to what i should do?

Thanks for your time!!

Quick update, none of my forwarding on any computer works now...

exact settings as of this moment... MX settings for google set up. URL forwarded from to (passing subdirectories). There are 2 A records, to, and * to I have added my domain to the hosting software, and created a subdomain, (redirected to)
My name servers are pointing to my original domain registrar.

Those are all my settings, and it no longer works... I am using my A records rather than changing the NS records as i still want my email to be going through google.

Can anyone tell me what is incorrect about these settings?

the site to be forwarded to is still up and running fine.

Sorry to keep posting, main reason is this will be a christmas gift of sorts, so i'm trying to get it running... frihost site is, domain name is via (registrar)

I'm trying to troubleshoot, sooo right now... Parked domain on cpanel, and thats it.

my DNS settings, well MX is all to google, name servers are to (default), created 2 a records, to and * to

Disabled URL forwarding

These are the only settings i have now, this should work no?

ps... this is the activity when i try to load my site (via safari)
Ok i believe i solved the issue... for anyone that may search and stumble upon this thread... my final settings ARE correct, the problem is with the IP. In my account info on this forum it states, but through searching and no keywords finding the sites that i needed, i tried the IP displayed in cPanel Forwarded both my a records there, and it seems to be working on my PC at the moment. Will wait till tomorrow to test out the mac, as of this time does not work yet...
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