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Rough Day Stories

Had a rough day lately? Want to shake it off, or just commiserate with other that that a bad day too? Keep it light and keep fun, and hopefully it will woo work out.
My weekends are always busy, clean house, grocery shop, wash, etc. So Friday night I was in a rush and bumped something over. Getting the vacuum cleaner I was in for a surprise as soon as I turned on the switch it BLEW up. For REAL! It actually blew up. A big fire ball, sparks, and smoke. I wucily tuned off the switch but that did noting as the pyrotechnics continue as big as ever. Grabbing the plug I pulled it out fo the wall which finlly stopped the visual dispay

Obliviously I needed a new on so checking on line I found one that seem to be very good. I also needed to get my cell phone looked at and combined trips. So $300 dollars later I had my new vacuum cleaner and headed to my cell phone store. The line was big as usual and I waited patiently untill called. The tech was sort of out of it, as I explained my issue. He seemed to fumble on a computer screen for along time. I was confues as all i wanted awas a quick system upgrage. I ober head him talking wiht some on about a telephone number I didn;t not recognize. After the second time he repeadted that I interjected that is not my number he llok up and told the perons on the on th phone I gave him the wrong number.

I did not! I spoke up, but was was ignored. He then disapeared to to do the update and came out after a half an hour.

Your phone is fried he reported, that happens. What! I exclaimed. He was unconcerned as he said he would just give me a new one. I was visablly upset and played with a customer satisfaction paper on his desk. As he looked at it he offered me a $20 credit to my bill. I took it.
Then 50 minutes later I finally had my new phone. As I checked to see if he remembered my memory card I found it blank. HE REFORMATTED IT!

I got another tech and explained my problem and they polity said sorry. I was really upset with them and how they took care of my equipment. so I got another $30 credit and the got me out of the store.

I was in the phone store for 2 hours!
So today I am typing in my number and restoring pictures and songs. Oh yes Vacuming the house.

I hope to day si better Wink
this is also a nice story for in your blog -close-
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