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The best video games of 2007.

2007 was a really good year in the video games industry and 2008 will be even better, so be ready! My question is, what is your best or your top 5 of the best 2007's games? Mine is definetly Team Fortress 2 because the gameplay is simply awesome and the unreal graphics make it just better and more fun to play! But to be honest, TF2 is not only my favorite game of 2007, it's my all time best game. If I had to choose more than one game I would say Portal or simply go with The Orange Box because I'm a big fan of Valve.

Please don't only post the name of the game! If you don't know what to say, tell us about why you liked this game or why you didn't Wink
There's been a decent catalog this year, the last two are iffy for me but 1 and 2 should be bought by everyone, they're great!

4. Halo 4
3. Bioshock
2. The Orange Box (all the goodies are great here, TF2 is so fun!)
1. Super Mario Galaxy
nothing in particular, but if you ask, maybe Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Don't know why, but it's the game that suck most of my spare time in 2007, the other game only run for 1-2 days...
1: Mass Effect, huge gameplay, huge replay ability, and a awesome storyline.
2: Halo 3, it may be hyped, but it still has one of the best multiplayer modes.
3: CoD 4, also one of the best multiplayer modes.
4: Skate., just the first skateboarding game that really enjoyed (and still enjoys) me.
5: Forza Motorsport, I like the customizing of cars, the realism, and the online races.

2007 was a very nice year of games, but 2008 will rock even harder!
- Halo Wars
- Ninja Gaiden 2
- Fable 2
- AND MORE! Very HappyVery Happy
1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Shadow of the Chernobyl - because of an atmosphere and realisation of many fresh ideas in the game.
2. Crisys - really cool graphics! Nothing to add.
3. Witcher - new successfull RPG.

maybe Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Don't know why, but it's the game that suck most of my spare time in 2007

I'm dreaming about this game, but without console I can only keep dreaming of it Crying or Very sad Final Fantasy series have the best storylines ever as for me.
The best video game is Spore from Maxis... oh wait! They delayed it to yet another year. Rolling Eyes

I haven't bought any games this year so I have no other candidates
Eh, my opinion and keeping in mind of Metacritic's Score:
1. The Orange Box
2. Super Mario Galaxy (although Metacritic's Score it the highest, I like The Orange Box more)
3. Bioshock
4. Mass Effect
5. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions (my personal favorite since the PlayStation version)
Well I don't know, haven't played many games from this year just Call of Duty 4 and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Call of DUty 4 has nice short (just about 5-6 playing hours), intense singleplayer but the multiplayer kind of stinks. I prefer Call of Duty 2 more (I've been playing it since it was released).
And The Burning Crusade is nice, like all Blizzard games and expansions but a bit to different than World of Warcraft. It has too much fantasy in it and the armors look too fantasy, they aren't terrifying like in WoW classic, they are just colored like hell. Anyways still a nice game with new aditions. Can't wait for WoW: Wrath of The Lich King.
Bioshock & Call of Duty 4

2 cracking games. The Bioshock story was superb and it created a great atmosphere in the game. A lot of people were upset with no multiplayer, but what was lacking in multiplayer was made up for in the single player side.

With Call of Duty 4 I thought the campaign was rather short, but very well put together. Online it has a lot of variations.

Both games are right at the top of my list
Mario Galaxy, Bioshock, Assassins Creed....a lot of good games have come out this year and I haven't even played Nights on the Wii yet which is also suppose to be really good.
my best is crysis Smile
- Ninja Gaiden 2
- Fable 2

what??? Ninja Gaiden 2?
The last "Ninja Gaiden" game that I ever played was in NES, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy XD, I didn't have xbox

and fable... another "help peoples and be a good person" thing....
I'd have to say bioshock. I didn't really like anything else this year.
Mario Galaxy is hands down the best game of the year. That game is simply amazing. I would have to say runners up are Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, and Mass Effect. I can't wait to see what they give us next year.
Well I'd say definitely Halo 3 as number 1. Great singleplayer and great multiplayer value, and they constantly refreshing the game with new content and they keep working on it to give you the best experience. Then second hmm I'd say Bioshock maybe, I played it on PC and the gameplay is sweet, the graphics are nice, the story is indulging, what else would you need. And then for third place I'd say Forza Motorsport 2: great game.

And for 2008 I'm definitely looking forward to Fable 2, that game is going to kick ass ^^ and of course also GTA IV, both on the Xbox 360. I bet there's also some more games that will be promising, but the future will tell Smile.
Mass Effect is a new franchise, and it does many things so good, I think this is one of the best games.
Assasins Creed is very good too, but the bad things of the game (repetitive missions, etc) make it not the best game of 2007
Halo 3 is hyped too much.
But in the end it all depends on what you like. I have nothing with Mario, so the game doesn't do much to me, but the gameplay is good though.
Klaw 2
my top games are:

The Witcher
Halo 3
Orange Box.

And im really looking forward to Ninja Gaiden 2.
lots of good and unique games came out this year

My favourite for 2007 would have to be.. hands down..
Bioshock - from the second i started the game i was trapped in its atmosphere, story line and great graphics. Its probably the first game I played and beaten.. and then played it over again to beat it on its hardest setting and also saved all the girls the second time i played it lol. I would love a part 2 or even a movie based from it.. that would be soo dope!

Lost Planet - my second favourite, graphics are amazing and refreshing gameplay!

Gears of War for PC - very intense game and i love the combat system where you can hide behind anything and also a few other innovations in the combat system as well. Another game i'm playing over to beat on the hardest setting
Best game of 2007 that I have for me would probably be Company of heroes. I like the style of RTS (real-time strategy) and CoH stands out from other games for be because of the squads tactics.

I also like the Idea of funning over enemies with tanks 'lol'

I downloaded a mod that adds medals to normal skirmishes and If you flatten x amount of people (depends on difficulty) you get a badge with a picture of a tank and a dead man under it. Twisted Evil

Well I'm looking forward to Starcraft II

I liked 1 and it needs a sequel

Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't something happen with the creaters

Something about Blizzard joining Activision

Or maybe It was a Question

Can someone drop an e-mail at <removed>

I just want to know what really happened.

Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

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I would have to say the best game in my opinion is the Metroid Prime 3 Corruption on the WII. The second best game has to be Resident Evil: Umbrella chronicals which is very, very fun.
Asassins' Creed is one of very few games I actually finished... This is one of the most exciting games that I have played. Which is not saying much. I liked the story when he wasn't his ancestor, but I loved the killing when he was his ancestor.
I only have the ps3 right now so I will post best of 2007 ps3 games. (games I tried)

1. Darkness - Because this game is challenging and I really enjoy challenging games. (Hard Mode)
2. Call of Duty 4 - Great sound and graphics along with the storyline/gameplay.
3. Unreal Tournament 3 - I love the controls. I love lasertag and this game is so simular to it.
4. Assassin's Creed - Very easy game, but it is still fun assassinating guards.
Hi there,

Maybe 2008 is the year we will finally be able to see Duke Nukem: Forever....or maybe not Razz
From 2007 my favorite was Call Of Duty 4.

Stay Cool
indie_hall wrote:
There's been a decent catalog this year, the last two are iffy for me but 1 and 2 should be bought by everyone, they're great!

4. Halo 4
3. Bioshock
2. The Orange Box (all the goodies are great here, TF2 is so fun!)
1. Super Mario Galaxy

Uh... Halo 4???
Unreal tournament 3
Medal of honor Airborne

... I like First person shooters Very Happy
I just got my Xbox 360 a month ago, and I don't have much cash to spend on the moment. So far the only new games I have are Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed. Halo 3 is great for multiplayer, and Assassin's creed is pretty fun, but a bit repetitive.
Fishbowl444 wrote:
indie_hall wrote:
There's been a decent catalog this year, the last two are iffy for me but 1 and 2 should be bought by everyone, they're great!

4. Halo 4
3. Bioshock
2. The Orange Box (all the goodies are great here, TF2 is so fun!)
1. Super Mario Galaxy

Uh... Halo 4???

yea.. thats old I'm on Halo 7 1/2 Wink
(1) Oblivion (PS3)
(2) Call Of Duty 4 (PS3)
(3) Halo 3 (EGG BOX)
(4) Forza Motosport 2 (EGG BOX)
(5) Asassins Creed (PS3)

They were my favorite games of the year. Im sure some of you will disagree, but they were my favorite.
BEST GAME 2007 is Super Mario Galaxy (wii)
second game is BioShock (PC, XBOX 360)

best graphic: Crysis
best sound: Bioshock
best story: Bioshock
best voice acting: Mass effect
best gameplay: Super Mario Galaxy
This has been a bad year when I'm reporting Fire Emblem for best game... I really think was a decent year if you like first person shooters, but I can't say I enjoy any 3D shooter at all anymore, and the videogame industry seems to be turning into the single "sci-fi FPS with a plot" genre. Not that there's anything really wrong with those sorts of games, it's just the market is saturated after the success of the original Halo.

(But if was actually into the first-person shooter type things, I'd say the best of thee bucnh this year would be Portal. I really do like the plot of that one.)
what about Gears of War?

Yes, this game come in 2006 for XBOX 360, but in 2007 it comes for PC with new missions.

I think that 2007 is best year for games, we ever had.
Yes it is, but I'm sure someone said the same thing the last year and we will also say it for the next year, the video games are better each year because they create better gameplay, graphics, storyline. The industry have a lot of choice when they search for new game developper and they only take the best of the best. The best game of the year is officialy Halo 3 but seriously, Halo isn't THAT good, it's a good game but I don't think it deserve the title of the best game of 2007.
i personally think super mario galaxy is the game of the year, becasue it showed that a mario game can still be awesome and new and fresh.
Even though I'm still a HUGE Halo fanboy, Halo 3 did have some awful glitches, such as being able to jump over the grenades. Once they fix this, I'm sure it'll be my #1, but for now
1. COD4 for Prestige Mode
2.Rock Band-I almost forgot about it! I play it so much my fingers are sore from when I stop, to when I start again
3.Halo 3-mostly for it's namesake.
4.Shadowrun-played it constantly before Halo 3.
5.Super Mario Galaxy-For being Mario
1. Crysis
2. COD4
3. Assassin's Creed
4. GH 3 Legends of Rock
5. Halo 3
2.Call of duty 4
3.Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
1. Super Mario Galaxy. Very Happy
Unreal tournement 3
Unreal Tournament 3 is pretty cool but to be honest, the gameplay is the same as UT2004. UT2004 was an incredibly good game, I played it the last month and seriously, the sounds, music, gameplay, guns, maps are just awesome. There's more than 100 maps (In the game, not custom!) and there's no glitch at all! I would have more loved a "optimization" of UT2004 than a new game, even the graphics was really good for the time and better graphics with a better multiplayers system would have been perfect.
UT3 is still nice but I can't say I love the new graphics and it's pretty much the same game with the same gameplay (and what they added to make the GP different isn't so good, DeathWalker is the best example).
In no particular order:

STALKER - Pros: A fresh take on the genre. Open areas, plenty of adversaries and NPCs that react to you and their environment realistically. Great graphics to boot. Cons: Does require patches and mods to make the most of it. Out of the box play is decidedly less brilliant.

Supreme Commander - Pros: Interface like no other - a real RTS for RTS fans and one that gets many things right. A wide array of units across three factions. Cons: high system requirements. A couple of minor improvements could be made.

Orange Box - I don't have it, but it doesn't take a genius to spot that it's very good deal.


Unreal Tournament 3: Where's the rest of it? Where's the ability to save progress or even the controls? Very, very poor. Went back to UT2004.

Bioshock (PC): I'm sure that the console versions are as great as people claim. But the PC version is crippled utterly by copy protection that is little more than hatred against their paying customers. Thus an otherwise good game is rendered terrible.
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