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Our new addition

Ok, well we now have a new addition in our house. We just got a 5 month old 3/4 Black Lab dog. We decided to name him Lambeau, kinda helps that I am a Green Bay Packers fan!! LOL
Don't leave your shoes (or anything else) laying around unless you want Lambeau to chew them up. Labs, like many breeds, love to chew on things especially as puppies.
I love watching the antics of puppies. I hope you started off right, letting him know his position within the family. Exercising him is a great way to keep fit and to bond. If you don't like walking you can always rollerblade.
My first dog was a white lab, and they're great dogs. He was the best behaved dog I've ever seen, and they're very smart. I trained him to open the shed door himself when it was time to feed him, saving me from having to do so because my hands would be full at that time. Just make sure you take the time for complete and thorough training, and you'll have a great dog!
I need to start saving for a new puppy. I like Spitz breeds, but I think my husband will have his way with a border collie. It's going to be my disability assistance dog. My present dog will be helping to train it. I do like border collies, I've had them in the past so I know their needs. I think the one who will need the most training is my husband, he spoils a dog to much. My present dog, a pommeranian, bosses him about and keep telling him he won't be able to treat a bigger dog the same way. I've given up trying to train him for now. I've warned him he has to read up on dog psychology before our next dog, probably Bruce Fogel.
Ghost Rider103
Well congrats on that, just to let you know they chew on just about everything, lol.

I had one a couple of years ago, and when it was in it's pin, it was always chewing on the fence, and actually got a hole through in it once time... So carefuly with that, lol.
congrats man for the dog..
wish i can also have one, since i am living in hostel i cant keep Sad
Haha good work, I hope things work out with the new addition and that the dog behaves itself. Wink
Congrats on the new addition to the family! Wish you all the best.. just like everyone said.. watch out for your shows and pretty much anything that can be chewed lol
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