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Jackass 2.5

Yup, they're back. Ladies and gentlemen, clench your teeth please...

2.5 is going to be free for download. Yeah, looks like they are going to follow in Radiohead's footsteps as being one of the first mainstream "artists" to release their work on the internet for free.

Apparently it was filmed "secretly" in August, although they've done a pretty poor job keeping it a secret. Unless of course, they wanted word to get out. Good way of publicizing it though!
They are a good bunch to watch with ur mates
I haven't seen it, but my friend downloaded it and watched it. He said it wasn't anything new, just the rejected stuff from the second one, so I don't think it was that big of a deal that they let it out for free.
Yeah, jackass 2.5 is a reiteration of the rejected material from jackass 2. I'm still a fan of those guys though - funny, funny stuff. I know that they are going for two things: 1) a reaction from outraged parents/community members; and 2) giddiness from young boys and men. Sure they attract others into both the positive and negative aspects, but there main audience is satisfied. It's a win-win-win, parents can point to their stunts as the downfall of media-involvement in young people's lives, young males can get a kick out of watching people suffer, and the jackass crew get paid. Good system, no trouble with it here.
where to download?
In 2.5 it's easy to understand why the materials was rejected from mainstream release. Some segment are funny but most are just simply sick job and the guys goes overboard on some. This is not Jackass, but more like Retarded or Sicko 2.5. But still, the guys make one hell of entertaining fun on each others...
2.5 isn't worth the price of buying it on DVD, though watching Bam suffer as he flew a kite attached to some anal beads stuck in his ass was pretty funny. Good thing I downloaded it for free.

I am anxiously awaiting Jackass 3 to come out later this year.
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