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Launchy 2.0 Released

What is Launchy?
Launchy is the most efficient way to open files, folders, websites, and programs on your computer. Nobody likes to hunt through the start menu to find an application, just to find that the application is hidden under some obscure folder named after a company you have never heard of! Instead, Launchy is a smart search program which tries to guess which program or file you are looking for and will launch it when you hit the enter key. It is only visible when you hit the alt+space key combination; otherwise it hides in the background. Once you have used it for a few days, it becomes an indispensable utility for your computer. And it's free!

• Launchy has been completely rewritten with QT
o Your old plugins/skins will no longer work
o Your old configuration will be wiped
• A new look! New icons and skin thanks to Tyler Sticka
• Much better skinning support
• Options merged into a single, tabbed dialog
• Skin selection now shows previews
• Plugins much more configurable
• Launchy can hide when it loses focus
• Fade in/out effects
• Customizable transparency
• Optional shallow scan of directories
• Unicode support for Firefox bookmarks
• Vista support
• It's just better.

Grab it from
This is an awesome software. I have ben using it for more than 6 months and I am hooked. It is a great productivity booster, esp if you have tons of software installed (resulting in a cluttered or nested start menu). This is similar to what vista search bar offers.
wow thanks for that, its one of my pet peeves with windows is having to trawl through the start menu to launch an application
Da Rossa
Nice app!
Liked the purpose of it.
OK I'll give it a try thanks for the link.
Da Rossa
Hey Indyan, doo you know how to solve this? First of all, I liked the program a lot, but it appears to have a glitch: I changed the hotkey combination from alt+space to alt+D to bring the window to front and put the cursor on the input field, but it doesn't work. So, I have to minimize all windows then look for Launchy at the desktop, click in the input field with the mouse then type the search criteria, what, actually, is a looong process Razz
I changed from alt+space because it's the default combination to bring up the window context menu, so alt+D is quite handy.
Any help? Tks in advance!
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