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Space research

Most people think space research and development owes much to political rivalry.what is your opinion?as we all know,America and the Soviet Union have beening competing for space research for a long time,both of them think that who take the universe in charge will be the leader of the world. Twisted Evil
Well it seems China, an emerging superpower, now is getting much more interested in space research and development. A large part of it is definitely countries vying for future space dominance. (Think colonizing.)
Well not only that but think if they were to discover something that could change the ways of life for all mankind or something of that nature "THEY" would have been the first ones to discover it and now they hold all the cards...
It is my dream to one day land on the moon and colonize it with a large army of robots and domestic cats. I would rename the moon to Motavia, and establish my own government. My flag would be pink and green with a silhouette of a robot petting a cat. The official flower would be the Moonwalker Sunflower hybrid, and the national anthem would be Space Boy by Dave Rodgers.

I hope that all nations DON'T take space exploration much further, for it may strip me of my dream.

I for one think it's good and that it's not any country's specific place to dictate who's allowed to do this kind of research and who is not. Back in the Middle Ages, the middle East and Islam countries were far more advanced than the 'West'...just showing that there's no 'better' or 'superior' way to do things. I think we'd learn a lot more by working TOGETHER rather than competing.
As far as launching unmanned stuff into space (for many reasons), I'm pretty sure the French have the world beat hands down. They launch hundreds of rockets into space is a very commercial business there. They launch them not only for French companies but also for private enterprises world wide.
What I think the reason behind all this research is not to just say "Hey, we were first" but instead to find any such thing which may proove very useful and which you can use to throw your weight around in the world.

For example, a ountry may discover large reserves of oil when all oil on earth has dried up & then use it as a stratgic tool.

(Ofcourse, this is a wild imagination and has lots of practical flaws, but I think you got the idea)
Agent ME
I think the best thing for space research would be if some other country/entity with money and power decided to go to the moon, make a station, etc, something NASA hasn't done and make some competition. Sometimes competition is needed for technological advancements.
The US probably never would have bothered going to the moon had it not been for the space race, nuclear technology probably wouldn't have been developed as early had it not been for WWII (you can argue that that would have been a good thing - that's not the argument, it's just an example of technology progressed by competition), etc.
Well, there are a number of reasons that space research helped the countries involved (namely USA and Russia)
*Get research done on large rockets, which can be adapted to make better ICBM's: Develop better engines, larger payloads, and better guidance systems.
*Influence neutral countries: make them think you're the winning side, and make them lean towards joining your side of the cold war.
*Influence your own population: "We're way ahead of those other guys"

As for the new, upstart, space race (including China and India) the main point is:
*Influence global opinion about the country: "Look, we can do it too! We're officially a superpower now, right?"
I think it really is our responsibility to ourselves and our future generations to figure out what's out there and how it can help the world. I would love to see everything political pulled out of it, but of course politicians and governments (including the US) is going to push politics into the mix. I really am fascinated by what might be out there...and hope that someday I can engineer something to go on a craft/rover/whatever...

So yes, much of what's going on now has to do with politics, but it may save the entire race down the line...

hi guys india is aswell equal in space allocation to other countries like china us russia
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