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Unable to get to my page?

Patriot Players
For some reason, my webpage, , isnt loading. Everyone should be up to date regarding the domain name and hosting, but every browser I am trying is just sitting and Loading..... for a ridiculous amount of time, and wont bring the page up.

Is there something going on server side or is it something related to me?

edit by rvec: I added a space after the link so someone who clicks it will go to the right site.
is your page loading if you use the normal link? And could you give that link too? With normal link I mean (if it's hosted at frihost)
Patriot Players is the frihost link. That one goes straight to page cannot be displayed. Occasionally I am getting brief patches of being able to get to the page, followed by it not working again. this is a bit of a problem as the page is for my local theatre group, and information and forms necessary for auditions next week are up on the site.
are you sure the files on the server are ok? Because my own site (on the same server) works fine and your site also doesn't work for me.
No, this isn't unique to that site... I'm having the exact same sort of problem at Nothing loading.

[EDIT] Actually, it seems now I'm just getting SQL errors about the database...

[EDIT AGAIN] Now it seems everything is normal.
@wombatrpgs your site loads fine here. The site by Patriot Players still doesn't load here.
Yeah, i am on server 2 and i have been having some of the same problems with mine as well. Sometimes my site will load and work perfectly fine then no more then 5 minutes later i will be getting page cannot be displayed messages or sometimes even bank white pages and all my other users have this same problem. Sometimes the pages will load they just take an ungodly amount of time to actually load. Is this just due to server load that they are running so slow?
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