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Which motherboard?

Hi everyone.
I'm probably going to buy the QX9650 when it comes out in a few days, if it turns out to be around $1000 and no more.
I can't decide what MB to put it in though...
I am running some Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066Mhz. So I was thinking the MSI P35 Platinum?
I won't be likely to run SLI so I don't need 680i, and I won't be running DDR3 for a long time yet so don't want to go X38.
I'm also planning on OCing the processor to probably around 4Ghz, with the FSB up to maybe 1500 or 1600Mhz. So I need something that can happily handle that FSB without custom cooling (Antec 900 with all possible fans, and a Thermalright Ultra-120e on the proc, though), and that can assist me favorably with the processor OC.

Blood Pressure Monitors Tattoo Removal Rolling Eyes
Maybe Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 it's good mobo, with PASSIVE chopset cooling Smile And also well equiped: 8(!)x USB 2.0. For OC:

FSB - 100 - 700 MHz (400 - 2800 MHz)
Mem divider – 2.00, 2,40, 2,50, 3,00, 3,20, 3,33, 4,0+, 4,0~
DDR Voltage - def + 1,55 V (step 0,05 V)
PCI-E Voltage - def + 0,35 V (step 0,05 V)
FSB Voltage - def + 0,35 V (step 0,05 V)
G(MCH) Voltage - def + 0,375 V (step 0,025 V)
CPU Voltage - 0,50000 - 2,3500 V (step 0,00625 V)
I recommend you to buy motherboard with tow DDR II slots and two DDR III slots. They are cheaper than ordinary MBs with four DDR III slots. And obligatory it must be asus. I think this is the best choice!
Watch on motherboard tests not brands. Every manufacturer can have bad day...
Asus and Abit motherboards should have most of the perks you require for overclocking and stability. MSI is also not too bad as a choice of motherboard. Haven't been reading much on motherboard reviews lately so you should probably go look for some reviews epsecially on those Asus and Abit boards.
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