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DVD Video?

Anyone tried their hands on burning AVI to DVD format?

I tried using convert X to DVD but couldn't put more than 2 AVI movies! These AVI movies are ripped from DVDs and is about 700 MB each and about 2 hours long.

My question is: is it possible to burn at least 3 movies of this kind? I'm unable to do that using ConvertXtoDVD. Any recommendations??

thank you.
OK, you only got 2 700 mg AVI movies onto one DVD -- but did they both work OK?

Where is the link to get ConvertXtoDVD?

(This might be what I've been looking for on other threads).
Thanks for help...
hahaha... it takes like 1 hour to convert and burn it!!

anyways, get the stuff from here

btw, anyone knows how to burn at least 3 movies?? convertXtoDVD is no good to burn more than 2!

thanx for any help.
What is the best program to do it?
r u asking me lol? the program thats best for me is the one mentioned earlier...

m looking for a better compressor though... any help people?
the reason you cant put more then two is the fact that they will not fit on the dvd, in fact im amazed you got two whole movies on. Normally i have to overburn to get two on one disc so i stick to one per disk
Since I'm mostly looking for good free software, the above convert to dvd is not for me.

Super is free ... so I downloaded it and tried it. (from the free software thread, plus somewhere else)

I have previously downloaded a 700 mb .AVI file.
I used Super to convert it to VOB >> 1.6 GB.

I used Power DVD / PowerProducer (from LG software, not the pro version) to take the VOB and convert it into a DVD format.
*I don't quite understand what I'm doing here, tho, but decided to try it. It does work*

There was High Quality, Slow Play, and other formats possible. The High Quality expanded to 7 GB, so I had to use 2 DVDs, of about 40min each, to get the one file.

I haven't yet tried the lower quality, which would probably allow one DVD.

Pointing at a thread discussing these new-to-me DVD burning issues would be fine.

I also tried directly converting the AVI file into DVD, but twice got an "Unexpected Error, MS XP will shut down, Send Report?" after about 30 minutes.

The Super conversion was about 90 minutes, and each DVD burn was another hour or more (left it to watch Shrek 2). Perhaps it would be quicker if I had more RAM (only 256 now)
Why would you need AVI to DVD when AVI is good? You can get a lot of alternatives to still play AVI on like your DVD player, when it has DivX support for example.
Well, actually I've never tried burning an AVI filled DVD, to see if my 3 year old DVD player will play it.

If I was to try this, what would I do? Just burn it like a data disk? I think tried something like that once and it didn't work, but don't quite remember what I really tried. Maybe it was my Cannon camera video that I burned and tried to watch and it failed. Which is .AVI -- but is it the same?

My two goals:
1) AVI to some format to see on my DVD > TV, which is NOT hooked up to the DVD.
(If some AVI works, great)

2) Flash Video, like from YouTube, onto DVD.

I don't have the time to play around as much as I want to find out about different possibilities; any help would be appreciated.
I'm confused at your question, I've seen someone fit about 6 hours onto a DVD - sound was a bit rubbish but video was alright. Do not ask me how he did it because I do not know. Personally I always use WinAVI video converter. It's not free but it does the job, you can convert lots of formats and click what size you want the finished disc image to be. There's lots of options and I think out of all the software I've used it's probably the most flexible.


Just a suggestion Wink
people asking here to convert here avi-dvd is because WE DONT have divx players.

anyways, will check out the above software-winavi. btw, i have seen about 7 hours (3 Movies) in one DVD. just hoping somebody would tell me how they did it. quality is SUPERB too.
Apollo dvd creator works best for me! Ripping and converting to dvd both take along time, I wish I had a faster computer!
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