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Uploading help needed.......Please?

Is there anyone who could help me with detailed (dummy's guide type detailed) information on how to upload my site? I have (I think) the code...I just need to know how to upload it. I have done my page in HTML through Frontpage 2003. I have thought of using CoffeeCup FTP to upload my FTP ...but I don't know exactly how to do it, and I am getting frustrated.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you ....
Hey there,

If your going to use CoffeeCup FTP... then Top left there is a big button 'Servers'

Server is:
username: miriah
password: ****** (your password)
directory: / (root directory)

Upload you files to the root directory. You can view these file online at: (or the appropriate file extention)

Http:// <--- This will default to the 'Index.html' page in the root directory.

(I havnt used CoffeeCup FTP before, but you should be able to work it out from that Smile )
With your help, I logged on to the page with all of the folders. (I know...that was really descriptive, right? Sorry Embarassed ) It takes me a bit sometimes to catch on to things...but I swear once I understand something, it doesn't leave my memory. (Not often anyway...) So I won't be a constant burr under your saddle.... (I am also bad with idioms, don't understand humor very will, but can crack jokes....and I have the social skills of a gnat....but please bear with me?)

What do I do after the page with all of the folders? I was able to get the html to least it is showing up in the line of things on the page.... Using just frihost's do I do this?

I promise...I am not one of those people that wants help and then doesn't take the necessary steps needed in order to bring about the desired solution to the problem at hand.... I am just really lost.

This is a webpage that I am trying to put together to help other people...I have information on there about $8 eyeglasses... they are "fully loaded" too.... I have 44 pages of information, that I need to weed through and get rid of duplicate entries, on how to get free diapers and formula for babies, and how to get coupons for the same. I am going to put this in PDF and make it available for download. I have a slew of pharmaceutical companies to research and find out which ones will give free medicine to those people that cannot afford it... I will also put this in PDF and make it available for download.

No information on my site costs anything....I just want to help... but I need help getting it "up" onto the net ...FriHost.... and making it "viewable" far all I have accomplished is getting it up so that I can see it is there, but when I visit my "address"....all I see are "parent directories" and so on.

Thank you, and anyone else that wants to pitch in, for your help. I just need "the EXTREME dummies guide" on how to do this.
that page that you have called bookmarks.html, is that what you want our homepage to be? if so rename it to index.html, and that should do it... well your first page will be done at atleast.
Hey!, Good to see you got logged into FTP. =]

So to get your site online:

1) The page you would like to see when you goto will need to be named 'index.html' or 'index.php'. Stick with the .HTML extension if thats what it currently is.

2) Log into your FTP client, at the root folder your should see:

Go into your 'public_html' folder and this is where you can upload your files to view.

3) Upload your 'index.html' to the public_html folder. (Overwrite if default file is still there)
Visit your site, and you should be viewing your index page.

4) Feel free to upload all the rest of your files to this same directory.

If you find that the links on your page arnt working, be sure that they are linking to the correct place on the server.

For example: /news.html
not: c:/program files/docu..../news.html (Doesnt exsist on the server)

Happy Hosting!
and a Merry Christmas!

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