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How did you help today..?

Did you do something today that made someone smile?

I was just reading all the great things the community post in the relationships forum about your other-halfs, and they really made me smile being able to relate to them. Making me see little things that i've perhaps taken for granted before.

Today, I made a christmas card for my loverly girlfriend. Seeing the smile on her face when she opened it really brightened my day Very Happy .. and hers!

Thats the inside.. heh, Dont ask why it's a sheep. Razz

Did you make someone smile today?
I make people smile everyday....

when old pervs come in to use our 'whack shacks' it makes them happy to see cute young clerks
and everything we sell is a 'smile inducer'.....not only does it make them happy to buy but, it also
will continue to make them happy..........

really we preform a public service....

bob bless the smut shops of america Wink

anyway, very cute card there, way to be a good b/f.....
and here's a tip, if it snows where you're at you should
totaly pizz HER name in the snow...girls find that super sentamental.
i never make someone smile, well maybe, but thats only because im weird :\
I always make everyone smile.
It could be because I have a great sense of humour, I'm funny, and I have a razor sharp wit.

It could also be because I look funny, but I don't think that's true.
tidruG wrote:
I always make everyone smile.
It could be because I have a great sense of humour, I'm funny, and I have a razor sharp wit.

It could also be because I look funny, but I don't think that's true.

That's true... Razz

I scare people in real life. Razz
Old ladies don't want me to help crossing the street Razz
Here's a related video
i also have a great sense of humor, but taht's just my personality, and all the teachers get amd at me because i make the whole class laugh Crying or Very sad
Phew, I make countless amounts of people happy every day..
Just by Existing Cool

No, no, Just kidding.
However it may be inpolite, I think of myself that I have a great sense of humour. Smile
And a lot of people laugh when I do something.. stupid Razz
I took my youngest (3) to the beach today, we fed and chased seagulls. She fell head over heel with laughter, it was just great Very Happy
Daisie wrote:
I took my youngest (3) to the beach today, we fed and chased seagulls. She fell head over heel with laughter, it was just great Very Happy

Aww Smile thats so sweet. I went to the beach just a few months ago... Can't say it was much fun. Beaches are empty, and amusements are full of chavs.
Well making people smile is very easy, make a big fool of yourself and thats what I am great at.

But other than that if you take the whole helping thing I did help my friends with a few subjects they are weak in, and also went crazy trying to get things right for my colleges IT fest (I like to include this in help because its all a voluntary job)

Other than that my girlfriend always says you need to stop helping others because you put more efforts in trying to solve other peoples problems rather than doing your own work first. Razz
Cute cute cute cute WAY cute overload. my computer is going to explode from the cuteness of that.
Well...I joked with my mom...that made her smile a bit...

I should take this to heart and make it a point to make someone smile every day. I seem to make the girls smile...but I don't think it's any of my traits...just my gigantic glasses, braces, nasty overbite, and lack of social skills...

There was this old old lady at the mall who was lugging around these two gigantic comforter sets. She then had trouble getting through the mall exit and managed to get stuck.

My brother noticed her and said something like, "way to get stuck..."

I told him, "Hey, go help her!"

So he helped the old lady.

The old lady smiled and thanked him.

Yes, I think I had something to do with that. Laughing

In all seriousness, though, I make people smile everyday. Very Happy
I like to think i make people smile everyday. Obviously i am naturally humorous Very Happy but i also like to do my bit for society.

Christmas is a good time for such things. Rather than buying obvious presents, i like to spend some time thinking about what i will buy. People smile more then, and i get a warm feeling inside (maybe thats just trapped wind. Hmm). Its also nice to thank people for their presents. Just a little 'thanks for my presents' can have a big effect.

Some of the things i read on Frihost make me smile, and it is at those times that i am glad to be a part of this community.

well not tday.. but yday was my frenzz wedding.... we halped his family in all possible ways, and also decorated the couple's bed... it was looking so romantic.... he thanked us today.... isnt that good....
I made somebody smile with this witty post! *drum-drum-cymbal*

Yeeeaaah, not really. I've been up for two hours and I don't think I've made anybody smile yet today. Sad
I cleaned up the house while my other half was out getting his hair cut. I know that if I hadn't, he would've done all the hard work!!
I stayed up (very) late to give a friend of mine online mental support while she was breaking up with her boyfriend. Yes, online, we don't live near each other.
I make people smile every day. XD It's part of my job. Some of the karate classes I teach are for students 4-7 years and 7-14 years. Part of their training is self discipline, control respect an open mind and confidence. Confidence is where the smile comes in. We have a quote somewhere that says, "Confidence starts with a smile." If you smile, like a real smile, you can just feel it. If I get them to smile, it usually gets them focused and intense the entire class. =D

Other than that, though, I have made it a point to help someone whenever I can. It is how I was raised. Not because my mom or dad told me to do so, but because they never did much of anything for me besides put me in clothes and they always had me doing stuff. I wasn't even allowed to do homework, but we won't go into that. Basically, I said, that's how I don't ant to be. So I try to be as different as possible and helping people is part of that.
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