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Hard drive inside a hard drive?

Okay, I cannot really explain this in words, so here is a picture:

As you can see, there is a "hard drive" inside of my main drive called "C:\" It is just a folder, but if you double click "Test" then you get this:

As you can see, it is the same folder which if you go to program files or Windows it will work perfectly. For the two extra files (AUTOEXEC.bat and CONFIG.SYS) have nothing inside of them. I can continue going into the folder called "Test" and it is the same thing OVER AND OVER again.

So far, it's not a problem. But, when I do a virus scan it will loop through that test folder, then go into a new test folder. Example, when I scan I get the folder name of:

"C:\Test\Test\Test\Test\Test\Test\Program Files\Blah Blah"

It will continue to scan that. I started a scan before I headed off to school, and I came back and it scanned over 2 million files, within 6 hours. Now, the problem is... I cannot delete the first hard drive. It will lock my system up, causing me to restart. And because it's a 733 MHZ (258 MB RAM) computer running Server 2003 it takes a few minutes to start up.

So, I was wondering if anybody knew if there was any way I can delete this "hard drive" without my system freezing up on me? Many thanks!
Do me a favor, right click that first one with the icon of a hard drive and hit properties. Then post a screen shot of that
looks like a normal folder with the icon of a hard drive. i agree with the previous poster, do post a screenshot of its properties.

Is this what you wanted? Apparently, it's a "Mounted Drive." Does anybody know what that is?
Mounted drives are drives that don't really exist (i.e. Virtual)

For example, you can create a copy of a CD or DVD and "mount" it onto the virtual drive to play it just like any other real drive would. The file types usually associated with Virtual Drives are .iso, .cue, .bin, .daa

Usually you use a program (like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%) to mount a drive and it'll appear in My Computer.
Thats exactly what I wanted. It appears you have a mounted image of the hard drive. The mounted image contains the link to the mounted image as it is mounted in C:\

Do you have any software that mounts drive images? Try looking in your taskbar and see if theres anything weird. Or try opening taskmanager and look through the processes for something that might be doing that.
This was no software, it was a mistake by me. I was able to fix it. I went into Disk Management and I right clicked my Local Disk (C:\) and clicked Change Drive Letter and Paths...

I clicked New, and added one from there. I believe I was trying to partition my C:\ hard drive, thinking that this was the way to do it.

I just clicked Remove instead of "New" to get rid of it! I do have a question:

How can I partition my hard drive?
First, you have to make sure you have enough HDD space to make a new partiion. You have to make sure you leave enough space for the original partition to continue working properly with the OS. With WinXP (and I'm sure for Server 2003) you will want to have at least 15% free. Don't forget growth from downloads and updates either.

After you've determined that you have enough space, then you need to acquire a partitioning program. One I use is an older one called 'Partition Commander'. It has been very good for me so far, but I have of late found some short falling with it (but I am doing some weird stuff now too; Linux partitions and embedded CF drives and stuff like that). Another one is Partition Magic. Haven't used it, but I am sure it's very similar. Also very popular. And then to the unknown reaches of the Free Open Source stuff that is available to you... Get an ISO download of The Ultimate Boot Disk (free), and burn the iso to a CD. When you boot it on your computer it has several dozen utilities, and a few partition utilities. Great resource for anyone doing a lot of OS work and drive recovery and more.

Anyway, once you have the partition utility you want to use, then reboot to the CD Drive. Doing a partition creation or size change from within the OS is not usually possible and when it is, it rarely works well for the long haul. Your partition utility will give you a lot of information about your HDD and will have a few side utilities that it can do for your drive as well, like changing partition sizes, and copying a partition, or copying a whole drive to another drive, or (very useful) MBR utilities.

I hope this at least gets you started in the right direction. Good luck!
See, the problem is I do not have a DVD burner. I have two very old computers and neither of them have a DVD burner. Nor do I have the cash to buy anything.
you need a cd burner not a dvd burner. And partition magic is capable of partitioning without the need of a boot disk
Sorry, I don't have neither a CD burner or a DVD burner. I mis-read your post, my apologizes. And thank you for the Partition Magic program!
Yes, PTMagic should be able to handle your needs. Make sure your not writing to the HDD while doing the partition.
KHO wrote:
Yes, PTMagic should be able to handle your needs. Make sure your not writing to the HDD while doing the partition.

Would that include running Windows?
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