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What is doing the NHL?

Did you see what happened with Chris Simon? It's the eighth time he get suspended and now he get a suspension of 30 matchs because he .. well see by yourself if you haven't seen it, it's simply inaceptable and the NHL should have banned this guy from the NHL, forever.

chris simon steps on penguins player
Chris Simon Slashes Ryan Hollweg in the Face
For those who do not know he skate smashed an opposing player while he was going back to his bench. Pretty much rendering the player useless for about 10 minutes. Not a good feeling I've have it happen to me inadvertedly while playing hockey in my younger days. The way he did it was very deliberate which warranted a suspension. You can consider it a cheap shot, which it was.

Chris Simon has had the gritty bad attitude, rough playing style since day one and it's actually his calling card. He's big, tough, and mean and to hear he has done this is absolutely no suprise to me, I'm not saying what he did was a good thing and it is very unsportsmanlike, however it is a Chris Simonlike move. Thats what he is paid to do and he does it. By having him on his team is like saying "If you mess with one of us you'll have to deal with Simon" every hockey team has to have a guy like this or your skill players and good players will get abused badly.

It was a bad move and he definately deserves his punishment but if you ask Chris Simon if he would do it again to protect his players, I'm pretty sure he will do it again. Over and over if he has to.

Now he gets to spend Christmas with his family and I'm sure this punishment is not going to change him one bit. Sounds bad but this is the grit the game needs to keep people watching.

What he did hurts thats for sure, but it didnt permanently damage him unlike other cheap shots I have seen. It didn't give him a concussion or take him out of the game or draw blood. All these tactics I have seen to knock good players out of the game.

I guess what I am saying is he could of done worse and has done so in days past. A suspension to Chris Simon is just another day in the office for him.
The guy is a menace. Other enforcers on other teams just start fights. This doesn't injure anyone, it just lets the other team know that you want to get physical. When someone like Andrew Peters (in this example, we'll use my favorite team's enforcer) starts a fight with someone, the other party is willing to throw the gloves down and fight. What Chris Simon does is attempts to injure someone without the other party prepared. Simon gets slammed into the boards and he retaliates with something ridiculously aggressive that is way too dangerous. The last 2 plays that got him suspended were a stick to the face of someone that checked him and then the foot stomp. These 2 incidents weren't the coach telling him to run someone because they took out one of his teammates, they were him retaliating because he got slammed into the boards and he didn't like it. My opinion: he should have played his last game when he stomped the other player's foot.
I agree cheapshots are a black eye to the game, I suppose I was just explaining it through Chris Simon's eyes. In most cases money talks and when a player gets suspended he loses money, and he keeps doing it over and over, I suppose a Marty McSorleyish banning in the league could be in order and I imagine every suspension wil go against his case and can't be good in any way. He is nailing nails in his coffin of his career and I think he will eventually hop in the coffin soon enough but until then I don't really see him changing his playing style permanetly. He may lay off for a week or two but he'll be back and nasty soon enough. Just to add another page into his case to get suspended indefinately.
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