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The ONLY reason to keep those AOL discs...

If you've got a mailbox, chances are you've found an AOL disc in it at some point. Rolling Eyes

Idea Little tip that you might not've thought about - Keep at least 1 of the most current version in a drawer somewhere.

They're great for emergency repairs/re-installs for some of your most often-used and oft-needed Windows programs and .DLL, .VXD or .OCX files.

That's the main reason why I keep at least 1 copy of every AOL version disc I can get my hands on;
Just for the necessary software you need (Flash, Quicktime, IE, etc.) whenever you re-install your Windows OS, or if you manage to catch some virus/worm/trojan that wreaks general havok with your system.

For example- on AOL's version 9.0 Optimized disc (and many others), you'll find the Service Pack 1 installer for Internet Explorer 6.0.

Winamp v. 2.91 is on there, as well as the standard version of RealPlayer.

Arrow Not all of the stuff AOL bundles on their discs is branded to America Online.

And if you know how to play with the registry, you can usually remove their corporate advertising leftovers and restore the original program back to it's default state.

The same goes for discs put out by most big ISP's - Earthlink is one that also has a lotta extra stuff on their discs.
I remember a post some time ago about someone sending somethign free to them for every 1000 AOL disc they COD'd to them or something..

I thought it was a crack up as the guy had wallpapered his whole house in them. Walls & Ceiling of EVERY room in a 3 bedroom 2 storey house Smile
Me & my buddy Neelix used a bunch of 'em to decorate around the base of my mailbox.
All of the local cops & EMT's use my mailbox as a kind of landmark.

"1 mile past the AOL mailbox..." (snicker)

They make killer driveway reflectors, too. Laughing
you should send them to they are collecting 1,000,000 of them. then they are going to deliver them to the aol headquarters and go you've got mail! lol!!! Very Happy
Send 'em back and let AOL deal with truckloads of 'em, right? LoL

Man, it's ridiculous!
They're like some annoying airborne virus, spreading all over the planet.

They're in Wal-Mart and lots of other large grocery/retail stores, in Post Offices, you can also find 'em in the Family Dollar's & Dollar General's here in my area.

Hair salons, at the vet's office, auto parts places; I've even seen a display of 'em sitting on the counter at a funeral home, man!

Anybody who will distribute those things, I guess...
You could use them for Drink Coasters or Frizbee's. Razz If you get a ton of them, you could probably mount them to your ceiling (back-to-back) for a cool retro look. Very Happy

- Mike.
That's what I was thinking...I've got a lot of old ISP CDs...

I might change the most recent one I got (Primus AOL CD that came with my new Dell PC) and turn that into a drink coaster! Razz Very Happy
Interesting tip; I keep them simply because they make good frizbees Laughing
i havent gotten an aol disc in a long time. before they used to come alllll the time.
impronto wrote:
i havent gotten an aol disc in a long time. before they used to come alllll the time.

Agreed, I only get them every once in awhile, they don't come in as much as they did before. I've seen them at many stores where you can grab one for free.

- Mike.
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