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Couple of questions

1. I have setup my domain to work with frihost cpanel.My question is ,is there any way to cloak my actual destination?(i.e. the url in the addressbar must remain and now etc).

2.i get a lot of hits from . What is this?

I believe you are redirecting the domain to your account, instead of that add your domain to your account. to do that follow steps

1)Login to your DOMAIN control/dns panel
2) Look for dns configuration or name servers
3)add fst name server as, and 2nd as
4)Login to your hosting cpanel
5) click add domain and add your domain
6)it will create a sub domain. Publish (uplaod) your site to that very subdomain
7)wait for up to 36 hrs for dns propogation and your site to start working.

2.i get a lot of hits from . What is this?

port 2086 is used by WHM i.e. to admin reseller accounts.
Its for admins, just ignore it.
I'll try to elaborate on what sunny said.

1) Go to the site that you bought your domain at. They should have an administration panel. Log in to it using the username and password you chose when you registered your domain

2) There should be an option for 'DNS Configuration', 'Name Servers', DNS Settings' or similar. Go into this.

3) There will be up to 8 boxes for you to type name server entries into. Add '' for the first entry and '' for the second. If your administration panel has more than 2 entry fields then leave the rest blank

4) Login to your FriHost cPanel ( using your website's username and password

5) Click on 'Parked Domains' if you want this domain to point to your main website or 'Addon Domains' if you want this domain to point to a specific directory.

6) Add your domain into the Parked Domains or Addon Domains section (depending on which you chose).

DNS Propagation is usually instant these days, but your ISP may cache DNS entries. Therefore, you may have to wait up to 12 hours for the DNS cache to reset.

Port 2086 is WHM (Web Host Manager). This is like the cPanel that you and I use, but this one is used by resellers and administrators. They use WHM to create new web hosting accounts and so on. If you get hits from there, it's probably an admin using the Web Host Manager. It should be safe to ignore it
No.As i said in my first post i have set my dns settings to point to fri host and added it as addon domain.

You made the addon domain in the "indyan" directory, instead of the "blogs" directory. You totally don't have to add redirection, because otherwise the url will get redirected.

I now changed that and it seems to work.
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