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[Urgent] Please assess the value for this site

I've made a site for a client. It is gonna be a ONE-TIME sale only. I need to know, by current market trends, what would be the price of such a site.

the directory is password protected. The authentication details are:

username: scrabitbeta
password: hourseven

once you've entered the directory, you can register as a user, add items, vote on items etc. I request you to try out these features.

It is completely configurable i.e. new categories/genres can be added/removed via entries stored in a database. Many of it's parameters are configurable.

This site was sold for 38$. After completing this site, I began to feel that I've been underpaid? Do you agree with me? If yes, can you please tell me how much I should be getting for this site...

The site is something like this: it's like


Social Networking has been the buzzword of this year. Major services such as and are generating enormous traffic and boast of an huge user base. Most user use these services to get closer to friends in various parts of the country easily and conveniently. Some user organize events group share pictures. Other are just there to play around. Few are there just to jerk around. Scrawll is here because of the jerks(and also for the opposite : the kewls ). There are hundreds of IM conversations , Orkut Scraps, Facebook Wall posts, Text messages etc that are so funny and lame that you wish you could show it to everyone. Scrawll is going to help you do that.

look, the idea is not the thing here coz it was the client's. Apart from the idea, how much do you think I should get for the implementation as such. In the beginning it was only a sketch as in: a user comes, submits and votes on things. The rest I've implemented, mostly on my own, including the graphics [APART FROM the header and the side image however, they are by some other artist]. So for the 'rest' of things.. how much do u think the whole code+design package is worth.
It depends on your client, but atleast $100, maybe $200. Take the hours you made it and add comfortable multiplier (10, 20, 30, 40 or 50) and you will get the number Wink $38 is way too low. I can say that I will sell the coding for 250 so it could be more like $300. If the client is friend of yours, you could make it less, but the right site has free space for ads. Advertisers gives lots of money, if you use them correctly. Remember this.
thanks a lot for ur assessment and suggestions. I'll remember that. Also, the right side, I've kept for advertisements. It's around 30% - 110px of the window size, meaning in a 1024x768 window, you get around 200px [width] for advertisement. There is no limit as such on the height.
I would really quickly estimate that this site took at least 20 hours to build. 38$/20hrs = 1.9$/hr. Now, I know minimum wage in India is a little lower, but considering the skill level required to build such a thing, that seems a little low.

one big However, in order to get started, you need portfolio work. If just found a 'client' who is now paying to host your 'portfolio', then it might be a square trade.
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