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What is your opinion on love

I haven`t fall in love with anyone before,when i was in high school,I had a good impression with a boy.but after that,on one can attract me.Is there something wrong with me?a lot of people around me can easily build up a relationship with some guys.and i don`t konw whether they are truly love each other,cause it seems that they just want to find someone to sweep away their lonelyness .there are also some guys chasing after me,but i am not sure they truly love me or just consider me as a vase.I am afraid of hanging out with them.i think i will never meet my Mr.right in my life!How poor i am!
oh you will find mr. right... don't worry!!! frankly as a guy i can say that girls like you are very rare, you enter into a relationship for the joys of it and not due to any other reason like warding off loneliness or social prestige or anything else for that matter. any guy who is looking for true love will definitely value your views and trust me sooner or later you will find him. in the mean time, enjoy life!!!

by the way, i believe you posted this in the wrong forum. there's a relationship forum for topics like these!!!
Depends on what you mean by love. Is the love you feel for your family or friends different wildly than that of what you want to find in another person? Some people go blindly looking for love and get married not once, twice but more. Is that anything less than love though? Are you looking for permanence like happily ever after? Tough questions.

I wouldn't say you are alone or should feel so despaired that you get distressed over. You may have a predetermined opinion of what falling in love means that is not very feasible in the environment you are in. Life is a journey but unfortunately your feelings also might be medical problem. If you have insurance use it and find out if it's affecting your moods. This may be off topic but you may want to be tested for hypothyroidism.
And I quote: "Love is a many-splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong - all you need is love."

It takes time, but when you find it, it's totally worth it.
i recon that love is awesome, i thnk i have been it it, and fallen out of it, but its awesome, and i dont know i might be thinkign and rushing ahead of myself, but i think that i am falling into it again.

i never believed in love at first site or anything, but this girl i have been with for a week, its special, i cant explain how happy she makes me, and just the thought f being wihtout her scares me, so maybe i am falling in love with her.

maybe not

all i know is that love is a wondeous thing and shouldnot be fogorten Razz
Love, Wow, it's absolutely the most beautiful feeling when you've got it, but the most damaging and painful when you lose it.
I'd prefer to be battered physically by a load of angry men (have experienced that before!) than feel that hurt and longing when I've split with a girl who I love.
Its crazy though, when it comes to love, I always end up going back for more, risking more pain, because the prize is so great when you get it.

I'm on a break for a good few months from love at the moment though, just walked away from a relationship where I was used and really taken advantage of, but it took 4 years for me to truly see it because I was blinded by that irrational emotion of love!

...I'll see how long I last though haha, lots of parties coming up now and I'm only human, but then am I perhaps just confusing love with lust?! Hmm Laughing
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