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Who surfs?

Hey! Does anyone in here surf? Im talkin about wave surfin. I lived in Hawaii for a while so Ive tried, and know how to a lil bit, but its pretty hard, and when the big waves come in, I get out of the water Razz Its real fun though!
I live in a city with no sea around, even no lake...
hehe I guess I take that as a no Wink
I just surf on the street Very Happy with a skateboard. But if I spend my vacation somewhere where I can learn surfing, I'd totally do it. It's pretty interesting.
it IS interesting! But it is also very hard! And way more dangerous than you think. Or at least than I thought before I tried it.
Yeah, it's fun. I've only done it once. A friend of mine took me out to try it and I enjoyed it. I've done boogie-boarding hundreds of times but just recently tried surfing. I want to do it again; I'm decent at it.
you've only done it once but you're still decent at it? :S Well what can I say, we seem to have different experiences Smile
I took a couple lessons when I was in Bali, I picked up enough to practice by myself. Pretty fun. Tires my ass out. I need to get fit so I can Snowboard and Surf to my hearts content.
I can surf, but i seldom do.
LimpFish wrote:
you've only done it once but you're still decent at it? :S Well what can I say, we seem to have different experiences :)

By decent I meant that I can at least stand up on the small waves... I can't do anything fancy, though. If I had a board I would go a lot.
Cool to hear Smile Where do you live? Where I live, the waves are unfortunately very bad Sad We dont get any swell ever, except wind swells.. plus most of the year it is pretty cold...
I Surf!
I surf almost every week!!
I realy love it1
It is rely very fun!!
I live in rio de Janeiro - Brasil!
Here we have waves almos the intire year!!
Some time the swel comes in big! like 10 feet! but it rare...
the most comum is aroud 3 or 5 feet with is a lot of fum!!!
You cam check Rio's waves at

hope you enjoy it!

aww dude I envy you! 3-5 feet is perfect I think! I lived in Hawaii for a while, and the waves there were usually too big for me! :S
Only windsurfing and sailing...

I have to go too far ta find a good surfing spot...

But windsurfing is also cool.

And I really want to try kitesurfing once.
Im goin back to hawaii in about a week, hoping the waves wont be too big! Smile Dude I miss surfin!
a limpfish i live in hawaii and i bodyboard which island you going back to cuz hawaii is big island but i live in oahu
yea by hawaii i was referring to the "group of islands", but i know that correctly hawaii means big island, but that's not where im going, im going to oahu! Im actually flying out the day after tomorrow! Where you live on Oahu?
now im here! hehe so stoked to be back! hawaii is suuuuch a nice place, and ill be here for the next 3 months! SmileSmileSmile
hey im a surfer we have good spots here in samar hope you can come i will tour you here is my site [url] [url] . how long you been surfing LimpFish? i know hawai have a good wave. what about locals there?ah can you tell me the story of surfing about? i mean the history of surfing in hawai and in california?
Ive not been surfing for that long. Ive only done it for like six months. Hawaii has amazing waves, actually the waves are usually too big for me :S The locals are a lot of times not too happy about other people comin to surf their breaks, so you gotta be sensitive and definitely not drop in on them or anything.. you mean history like how surfing started?
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