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the last time you took a sick day...

Were you really sick? If not, why were you calling out from work, and how did it go?
I sufferd from a chest complaint and when I returned to work yhey wanted to fire me!
I am actually on a sick leave from my university ...
I actually had to attend a wedding thats why .. Very Happy
last time i was ill i was actually quite sick, why do you ask?
Last year. I had a fever (40C), and couldn't stand up from my bed.
Usually I don't even complain if I feel a little sick.
Last time I took a day off 'sick', it was my fiance who actually was!

Counts, right? Wink
I don't think I've ever taken a sick day before for work... but then again I've only been actually working for a year now, so that might explain it.
I'm just wondering how many people out there recently pulled a Ferris Bueller and called out sick to go joyriding and galavanting...thought there would be people who had interesting stories. For those of you who were actually sick, hope you're feeling better now.
Well my last sick day was to put up a shed in my backyard to store some stuff in, so that we would not have to rent out a storage garage from a retailer. What a funtastic day. Would have much rather been at work!!! And the time before that was when I had my BMX accident. Doing a faceplant on an asphalt ground kinda kicks your A**!

At my current job, which I've had for about six months now, you have to be sick for them to let you off.

Seriousely. They have doctors check you out.

At least it's free.

Ahh good ol sick days how i envy you guys, if only i could take a few days off but unfortunately in my line of work unless im so deathly ill that i simply cannot function i must work in order to stay in the green. I cannot afford to take sick days because i have something to do or because of a common cold so even if i come down with the flu as long as my hands still work ill be there working away and suffering though it all. Last time i have took a sick day i believe was somewhere around 3 years ago!!
I m a stay at home mom, i m not allowed sick day Sad ,or the house would burn to the ground, dog eat cat, unwashed kids run around the garden in the nuddy starving.... and dont even mention the husband!

But in my past life I only took one sick week for an operation, that 's it! and I felt guilty about it sad isnt it?

Wow sick day?! Interesting question in a sense... I've took a day off from work the day I was really sick which means I was in effect of medications and made me feel asleep really quickly!
I don't take days off if I'm sick cuz of a little flu or whatever the reason, but only for major reasons.
I don't even go to see the medecine for minor or medium reasons. Only when it is really necessary and many peoples are actually going for little and non justifiable reasons, which I find absurde...
And well I was really sick and I call out of work cuz I was just starting to sleep everywhere cuz of medications! And didnt felt well...
How did it go? It's a really weird question.. I'm sick so probably bad! Embarassed
But oh well.... In general at home I just slept so don't remember too much of my sick days haha!

Cya !
I haven't taken one all this year. I kept working even when I was sick. That's what happens when you are a contractor and you're responsible for arrange replacements if you're sick.
the last time I called in sick was the time I got abducted by aliens...
yeah...true story...I was walking my cat (yes with a leash, he thinks he's
a dog and so do I) and we were going down some ner by railroad tracks
when all of a sudden this big brite light appeared....yeah it was bbliinnddinnggg!

and then the next thing I remember I woke up with a wiffle bat,
in an orchard outside of elpaso, with a hellufa head ache and certain
areas of my anitomy were sore that should never be sore!!! heh...

(yeah that was a big kid joke, sorry)

but yeah that was it... of course I didn't want to tell them I
was abducted by aliens...they wouldn't have beleived me...

so I told them I was partying with big foot instead.

Laughing Wink
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