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Supernatural the CW hit is now an unoffical RPG

Does anyone here play role playing games? I've got a tabletop game I created based on the CW show Supernatural, and I'm looking for a few people to give it a test run. If you're interested check out . You can also join my group at: which you can join to be kept up to date on when online sessions will be running and contact me at
if you have questions or comments of any kind. Thanks for reading my post and hope you will join up.
I'll try it out, why not. I LOVE supernatural!
just follow the link to the Sanctuary site (see original post) and you can find everything you need. Have you played a table top RPG before? Ever made a character? I will be glad to help you out with that. In fact I have a great Excel based program for character creation that is posted on the Sancutary site AND the group if you need it. I will trying to set up an online game sometime soon. The way it's going it's looking like first of the year but if you sign up to my google group I can keep you informed. Smile Thanks for the intrest.
I'm having trouble setting up my website on here. I'm using Frontpage 2000 on a laptop running Windows Me and I can't get Frontpage to load the page here properly and I haven't been able to find a good FTP program or something to use instead. Help!
sounds like a good idea, supernatural has a promisingn future, im glad it didnt get cancelled!
Same here. IF your intrested I have a google group:

and a myspace page:

Also, as I said, I'm TRYING to set up a website here but I'm trouble getting Frontpage to work. Meanwhile, a freind of mine has one on here with the rules and stuff on it:

Go ahead and check'em out. Smile
I now have my website up on here for my unoffical RPG (thanks Zoom). Also, games will begin Sunday the 20th, 1 PM central time. Here are all the links you will need below:


Google Group (please join so I can keep you up to date on games and new information):

My Myspace page:

As always thanks for the intrest. Smile BTW, I'm wanting this to be an open group project so never hesitate to send new material or ideas to:
Everything is all set and ready to go on the game. Smile Going to be running online games on Sundays 1 PM central time. If anyone is intrested check out my site or my google group for all the details. Smile
nothing to said!!
2 thumb up!!
if can try to my the page darker.. n bloody looking.. it will be great!
"The chancel of the old church has been partitioned off, the chior stalls have been removed, and it is now lined with bookshelves much like the library. The difference here, though, is that most of the books are handwritten and battleworn. These are the stories of various hunters. Some are famous, some not so much.
They all have one thing in common -- they tell the story of the age old battle between good and evil, one warrior at a time."

I don't understand anything from this .... i searched for videos on youtube about this RPG but did'nt find any... could some one give me some help ??
That qoute sounds as if it's from my friend Zoom's (not sure what handle she uses here) Sancuatry site which is "Supernatural" themed. The Role-Playing Game is totally my own creation and there are no videos so no wonder you didn't find any. Smile I suggest following the links in my original post if you want to learn about the RPG.
I've given my supernatural site ( ) a nice visual update and it looks all new (I've also done some minor file changes and so forth). I'm also working on a second season update guide to the rules. Smile If anyone has anything they want to add e-mail the stuff to me. I would love some original characters (or stats for show characters that I've overlooked), new creatures (or creatures from myth not seen on the show), or indeed ANYTHING that would fit the "Supernatural" show and the game. Smile Come on people, time to shine. Smile
Hm, nice initiative. I haven't played rpg's for many years now, but one thing I remember is that ideas for new
games often was lame. The market felt kind of full, and the systems around was yet not to many. Then again,
the players of rpg are often a creative lot, so there were a few trying. Often without any greater reasults.

Anyhow, I think your on to something. Supernatural is kind of a perfect enviroment for a rpg. When I think about
it, the series could be based on one. Laughing

Lots of fun!
Thanks! I'm pleased with it personally (having made several games in my time). If you want check out the site, download the rules and try them out. I'm always looking for feedback, submissions, whatever. Just let me know. Smile
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