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WebDAV workaround for Frihost

Hi everyone, I'm guessing this is the right part of the forum to put this question in since I have a hunch that this will involve some PHP... but if it is not admins please move it!

On to the question...

I want to use the PHPiCalendar software to display my iCal calendars on my site. I am using the Apple program iCal... it only has the option to publish with WebDAV. Looking through old threads here I found one where Bondings said he has no plans to install WebDAV, so I am a bit stuck on this...

I am wondering if there is a work-around I could put on my site or even my computer to make the calendar update automatically instead of having to export and upload the .ics file every time I make a change... I might be willing to pay out some of my Frih$ for a working solution that I can install. I don't have much experience in PHP, so something that would be easy to set up would be nice. If I have to write the scripts and execute things myself that is fine, I think I can handle that. Ideas?

EDIT - I re-read the documentation for the scripts, turns out they already thought of this and created a PHP workaround. Sorry to waste space on the forums, admins can delete. Embarassed
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