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Anyone Interested In Creating A Joomla Theme?

Just as the subject says would anyone be interested in creating a joomla template for my site for Frih$? I will negotiate the price with you of course but i must warn you im not exactly positive on what kind of theme i am looking for here. My site is going to revolve around a multitude of things its not going to be quite a social networking site but it is going to have some of the same concepts of one. Im going to have gaming sections as well as forums and all that junk so its going to have to appeal to a wide variety of people. I want something flashy and "New Age" thats going to look really professional but at the same time flashy and very appealing to others. If anyone wants to help out on this i would greatly appreciate it and am willing to pay pretty damn decent with Frih$!!
I'd like to help but I have to say I am already working on 2 other sites and a small script.
rvec wrote:
I'd like to help but I have to say I am already working on 2 other sites and a small script.

Alright thanks anyways i appreciate the thought tho, i might just go ahead and use the theme i am currently using and just have someone customize me a header graphic. If anyone would be interested in customizing the theme i currently have it would require less work as most of its built already so it would be a lot easier then building one from scratch i just want something different then what so many others are using as its a free template and im sure many others are using it i wasn't something a little more original.
i might just go ahead and use the theme i am currently using

Can I see this theme?

And if you still want a header, could you give more informations (sizes, colors, texts, images, etc).

(I'm too busy to make a complete theme but if you need some banners, buttons or a header, I could have some idea, depending on your theme.)

Yea im still waiting to get my sub domain changed at the moment so my url is the meantime is i kind of like the colors and whatnot of the template so not so sure if i want to change them as of yet i think i want to stay with the same color scheme but i am open to adding more colors if you think it would look good to what you decide to do if anything at all that is. But for now i really just need a new header graphic seeing as my site has nothing to do with space or anything of that sort i need it to say Xtm-Lounge its 735 x 150 and its jpg format.
Actually, you know what i think im gonna post a whole new Topic for the header graphic when i decide a little more on what i want. In the meantime i just need help editing my layout for joomla i really like the layout im currently using at the link i provided in my previous post could anyone help me out with customizing the theme a little bit? Right now i need help getting the design to fit the whole screen i really dont like how its all smashed in the center of the screen i want it full screen otherwise the page is going to be jam packed with stuff when im done. Also by making the theme full screen im hoping to fix the problems with my forum look as well i noticed that when you go to the forum it pushed everything outta wack cause its bigger then the layout itself If someone could help me out with this i would greatly appreciate just let me know what your price is. Thanks again
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