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Graphic Software

Which is the easiest Graphic Software to use and to learn quickly?

Also, are there any free ones as well?
there are many graphics software and frankly most of them can be learnt if you just play with them for a few days. the one i use for my graphics work is adobe photoshop cs3 but it needs sometime and a little help to learn that. apart from photoshop, i prefer the gimp. its a free (as in free beer), GPL licensed software available both for linux and windows. if you are using windows, even paint can do wonders. apart from these, there's core paintshop pro. its another work of art!!!

amongst all these only gimp is free, the rest cost a hefty sum of money but if you ask me, its money well spent!!!
I use photoshop cs3 and well i started with Photoshop Cs2, and i learned how to use the basic functions pretty easily and the interface is simple and its a great tool to work with. I'd suggest it above all others, but it does cost alot of money. I'm not sure about any free ones but if i were you id try the photoshop cs3 trial version first to see if you even like how it is. But its pretty easy to learn and you can make some truley amazing pictures and designs with it. Its really a great program for basically eerything Very Happy So good luck Very Happy

Not super easy to use, but by using it you will learn a lot more about image manipulation that you would by using photoshop or even the gimp.

Try it out, I think you will like what you find.
PhotoImpact may be a good starting point.
But that depends on you are for funny or for work.

For work: Photoshop, Firework, Corel Painter
For funny : PhotoImpact
Studio Madcrow
What kind of graphics software do you need? Do you need a program that's really good at sorting through hundreds (or thousands) of pictures, doing basic stuff to them (format conversions, resizing, color balance work, etc)? Do you want a program that's really good at doing painting and drawing type stuff? Do you want a program that defines pictures in terms of shapes and commands, rather than pixels? Do you want to do 3D drawings? The programs you would use for each of those tasks would be different...
I need a software, preferably free which can be used, ahem, which is perfect for making cartoons, 3-d animation most probably. And they must look good.

Preferably free and easy to use ....
First of all, sorry my English.. I'm brazilian and I don't speak English very well.. But let's go.
If you wanna to create powerful graphics you may to use a libary Flagstone, its create SWF file how simple java programmer.
I forgot pass URL: Here you will find much open source projetcts that you may to use to generate complex graphics. Good work, enter this page have a good documents about the libary =D
Hmm... What's your usage sitation ?
Is it used only for learning and drawing graphics for practice ?

or you have to put it to work.

If it is the latter, then I recommended that you learning some more common and advanced graphics apps that most company use such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Firework, Quarkxpress, Maya, 3DSMax, Bryce and more ....
An easy graphics program for Mac is...


Simple, easy, but fairly powerful. And very useful. I'm not sure on windows. MS Paint? hehe... No. Not really paint. Eww...
adobe is my favorite tools for graphics design... its suitable on my study and my practicall work....
i personally use photosob cs3 and also corel draw. on linux side, i use gimp, but i am not too sure if it is available for windows. you can easily do a search for it. it is very powerful graphic tool too.
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