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I realise the irrelivance..

but I am having mager problems with Mozilla at the moment, everytime I try and download a file it starts downloads a certain amount at mzx internet connection then it stops, and mozilla crashs and also stops any other program using the internet (As I'm using windows) even when I close the mozilla firefox winow the process was still running (Which I only just figured out because before when it crashed I had to reboot (Which is REALLY annoying when your in the middle of doing something), anyway I was wondering whether anyone else had this problem or knew how to fix it.

BTW I have been to and also searched on Google and still have not been able to find anything the sligtest relivant (Except for an artilcal on mozilla stating there was a patch for this problem (or thats what I though) but this was out of date and for version 0.9). Anyway please can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

P.S I have also de and re-installed it a couple of times and the problem is still there, any help?
A great idea. Remove your post from this section. Try the computer help section. This is where the genius's live.
well.. Alot of users have alsmost no problems as the problems u have faced. Probably a corrupted version of Mozilla Firefox? Try downloading the newest version or installing it.
I think that it's a profile thing. A lot of people that have changed little settings, which you can very easily do by typing about:config in the URL area, have experianced some weird problems. I don't know how to return any of the about:config files to their originals however.

If you don't think that you have touched that, it could be an extension that you have added. I have found some problems with Greasemonkey, which although is an amazing script, (it may be the best extension to FireFox), has a few bugs that the programmers are working on fixing.

The last thing that I can think of is to try Internet Explorer, or some other browser and see if the same thing keeps on happening.

Good luck!
1) Which version of firefox are u using?
2) have u run a full virus scan + adware scan
3) Which version of windows
4) Try uninstalling firefox, removing all local profiles (check here for the location of the profile folder for your OS and then delete that entire folder:, and then installing the latest version of firefox WITHOUT any extensions
5) post back here if the problem still persists

P.S make sure you backup your bookmarks before you delete your profile
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