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Negative points limit.

So, does this make sense?
It makes perfect sense, and should be implimented ASAP
 85%  [ 6 ]
Utter nonsense, people have to have a limitless negative side.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Does what make sense?
 14%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 7

Here's a simple suggestion:
Every day, if your points are higher than 45, they get set back to 45, right?
But, if your points are lower than -45, they just keep going down!
By the time someone gets to -45, the hosting account should already be inactive or deleted, so there's no point in letting the points keep going down. In fact, having the points continue to drop bottomlessly would discourage that user from coming back and trying to get in the positive side, thereby loosing some possible members. (I noticed one member today valiantly trying to get back into the positive from -290 points, but I would think that this would be the exception, rather than the rule.)

I presume that the points are reset to 45 every day by a script you've written, so why not add onto that script, and make it so point values lower than -45 are reset to -45?
if your points get real low you can ask Bondings or an admin to reset them to zero in this forum
Makes perfect sense to me. That way people who were unable to keep up with their posting wouldn't have such a long way to climb to get back up in the positives.

And rvec you don't always get your points reset. Plus you can only do that once. If you get too far below into the negatives again, I don't think a user would be allowed another reset.

If this idea was implemented, well, if you happened to fall really far into the negatives, at least you would only have to make 11 great posts, rather than like 50.
Yeah, it makes sense, and it is nice. But they don't really delete accounts at -45 (one time I had my account at around -87 for a few months.)
But it is a pain to fight your points back up, and the 45 positive points limit seems kind of dumb. (I actually didn't know about that until now.)
the 45 point limit is there because if it didn't exist I would've been able to be offline for a year or something like that and still have my hosting.

And your points will only be reset once because if they had to be reset more we don't think you'll be a good poster. Of course there are exceptions and if you can show us you are one your points will be reset again if needed, but you need a real good reason for this.
I like the idea personaly. I've seen bondings give points to people all the time. I think it would be easier on him and then he wouldn't need to give points encourageing those users to post more.
Bondings already cooked that one up...

When people are removed their hosting account, they are no longer deducted points (so far you knew this, i know), BUT they also get their points reset to 0 when they are removed from the hosted users group.


1 - If you have -290 points, most likely you still have your hosting account (depending on the user and his previous actions on our forums, some are given that benefit, it has been known to happen), you better work your way up (or have a pretty good reason for your absence and request a point reset). Most of the users that reach this low points are users we acknowlegde to have a good previous

2 - If you have already lost your account due to inactivity, your points will have been reset to 0 and they are no longer deducted. It may happen sometimes that the user is not removed from the hosted group and has no account (script's sometimes fail, as you all know), but can be manually corrected by the staff.

Now my opinion on the idea:

Having all users at -45 wouldn't give us an (immediate) idea of HOW inactive the user is.

Let's have an example... Let's take Blaster and say he's had a Real life problem and was forced to be been absent from Frihost for 5 months. Now, 1 point per day, 5 months... would be about 150 points bringing him under -100 points. I would look at it and see someone that has dropped well below -20 points, BUT has had a massive participation on our forums in the last 2 years (he's nearing his FH birthday btw). I would probably keep his account for sometime more to see if he came back and to check on him from time to time (lies.. I don't even like the dude.. I'd probably remove his account at -21 Razz Razz Razz hehehe)

Now IF he ever got to, let's say, -400 ... This would mean he hasn't been with us for over a year. By then I would probably have no other choice than to delete his account and hope for him to get back to the forums.

Now let's see an user showing at -30 and with... 6 posts .. (there are a few of these...). I see him and he's off to removal as soon as spotted.
But let's imagine I didn't spot it until he reached -45. He'd be one name in a long list of inactive users with the same # of points.. lot harder to spot and would probably be granted his hosting for some more time because we'd take longer to spot it.

If points were reset like you say, we would have a harder time spotting those situations and making these decisions.

Be Well Cool
Oh, I didn't know that the points were usually reset to 0 when the hosting account is deleted. In light of that, a negative point limit is not needed, and makes it hard to tell how inactive a user is.

And, I suppose, if you got your points level down to -100, but your hosting account was never deleted, it would be only fair for you to earn back the days you were hosted despite being negative.
You make a very good point there bockman.... and lets see.... me as your example... about that... i read the little itty bitty part in that. So now its time to get to -21. The only reason i still have an account is just so i can keep my directory listing. It was the first one you know. and yes i am nearing #2. I wish i would have game in april of 05
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