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Recommend me a good registry cleaner

... that will also work with Windows Vista 32bit.

Apart from that, good "cleaning" tools are also needed.
easycleaner by toniarts is a good "cleaner" and if you want to "clean" yur registry your far better off reformatting and re-installing vista as cleaning the registry is often dangerous
pc quest registry cleaner is a good one!
The registry cleaner from tuneUp Utilities works very well for me Smile
and I have some friends who've used it on Vista too Wink
what exactly do you want to do? registry can be edited by hand as well!!!
adeydas, he is looking for a program which optimizes registry files. Of course, there is also registry editor which is included in windows, but I don't thing that you exactly know which register can you delete and which one not. Besides, this can be very annoying work, because there are a lot registry keys in windows.

However, I recommend tuneup utilities and ccleaner. Try them both and then decide yourself, which one better suits for you.
have you tried registry mechanic? don't know if it works on vista or not, but works well on xp at least.
I would reccomend the one that comes with Tuneup Utilities
greatfire wrote:
cleaning the registry is often dangerous

last time I used a registry cleaner my computer OS stop responding so I had to reformat and reinstall, so I never use them anymore. I have learned my lesson for sure!
I ever used various type of registry cleaner...

Registry Mechanic
TuneUp Utilities
Advandce System Optimizer
Registry Cleaner
Registry Washer

but the most of them make my computer show many error after i scan and it found hundreds of errors in a time......

so,now i just use TuneUp Utilities n untill now my computer faster than my computer members....
it also easy and fast tu use because it have "One Click Maintenance" function...we just one click on it and it repair all of the problems in our computer....try it...

it best.....
I recommend you Advanced Administrative Tools. It is very good multifunction program.
Da Rossa
Believe me: the best of the world is:
MVRegClean 5.5. Brazilian, but has an English version. Has won many awards and was coded by one of Brazil's most experienced programmers.

Get it!
I have used Registry Mechanics, and is really good, and for other trivial small time cleanups I do use CCleaner
I'm not sure if this is the kind you're looking for, but I use CCleaner and it does clean up some things in the registry.
I'd also recommend CCleaner. I'm a mac user, but I optimize other computers and when I hear that it ran more than a month, I install CCleaner Very Happy
I use TuneUp Utilites, that's a great all in one solution and doesn't take up too much power of your PC. Totally recommend it!
Sphaerenkern wrote:
I'd also recommend CCleaner. I'm a mac user, but I optimize other computers and when I hear that it ran more than a month, I install CCleaner Very Happy

I use CCleaner too. It seems a nice tool.
I recommend Advanced System Optimizer.

It has tons of useful features, like registry cleaner/fixer and optimizer,
windows tweakers, anti-spyware programs and more.
I recommend that u use RegCleaner:::

With RegCleaner a free registry cleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have destroyed ages ago.

You don´t have to be an expert to use this program. Note that this program is not like those other so called registry cleaners, they search any filenames from registry, then if the file doesn´t exist anymore they remove the registry key or value where this filename was.

But RegCleaner shows you the list of software that are registered in the registry and by checking checkboxes you select which software you don´t have anymore and RegCleaner removes all registry created by those programs automatically.

You can also remove start up programs that are started behind your back and can dramatically decrease your computer´s performance.
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