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Portfolio: Graphic designer

This is my personal portfolio that I have done

I still need to update my portfolio so every category will be done (pretty much hihi ^_-)

Please post some comments.

I really like the design of your webpage, it is nice and clean, not too busy(which is the biggest problem I have with most websites). I also like the samples in your portfolio you have some really nice work in a wide variety of disiplines (if you are looking for work as an illustrator or photographer in addition to graphic design, I would consider making seperate portfolios for each disipline, just so other graphic designers looking to hire a photographer/illustrator instead of a designer don't view you as competition). I like how your work is a little on the edgy side without being over the top.

My only real problem with the webpage is all the links at the bottom of the page. Without some sort of heading as to what they are, I really don't understand their purpose. They seem to go to random places mostly in-line skate related, and although I like the look of them on your page I really think you need to tell people what they are doing there.

(p.s. just as a side note don't bother looking at my website it sucks something fierce. I threw it together just to have a place to hold some samples and haven't had the time to fix it since then).
Thank you very much for your comment... As you said my website is okey but it has little problems... On my PC it's loading very slowly in terms of thumbnails and rollovers Sad I do not know why is it so slow... either website images are too big or the Frihost server is slow for my website.

See ya Smile

your website design is not one of those professional ones, but I have seen your drawings and I think you have some really good artwork there...

keep up with good work and in the future you will have some good portfolio Wink

You have very nice portfolio. The graphics are beautiful. the information is good. You also have some forms. But you have used frames Confused There is php support on frihost, so you could learn and use it. The ajax gallery is very nice Wink

Great site, but need some technical changes, but keep working Wink
looks really awesome...

Inline skating is very not popular in the US right now... it's almost comical to watch the videos, because no one here does it anymore...
Yay! Leszek Smile
You know that I saw this design long time ago and I like it, but the problem is code Smile
I know You`re not good coder but ask someone to code this for you with propper CSS, AJAX and PHP Smile

Align the contact form Smile
Convert top menu to list with CSS cuz images sux Smile.
Pure CSS wolud be better, just click CTRL and scroll mouse to resize text, when text is bigger just by one unit, layout crash Razz
Wow that's a great looking website. Right now I am working on my portfolio. I am still learning though as I go through so many issues with my html and css. That's about the only two things I know right now, so its a little difficult for me. I am also a Graphic designer and am trying my best at that.
Yeah that's true, that I am not very good coder... This design is complicated for me in terms of code so there are some problems... But I think I will change my portoflio soon...
Thanks for your comments and I'll wait for more...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! ! !

See you...
I wouldn't change it, I think it looks pretty good.
The portfolio is really good, its really appreciated.

But the page coding is really loose... frames are not SEO friendly, and the code is not valid (even though you have a XHTML Valid badge at the bottom Wink )
I guess the coding is a bit off. But the overall look of the design looks great. I wouldn't change it a bit. Nice work!
I know it's not valid... I thought it will be XHTML (w3c) valid but it's not Sad and W3C shows that my website has 49 errors. Does anyone know how to fix those errors so my website will be valid?

What you want to do is read through the errors shown in the validation error page. I like to look at the page and my code at the same time. This helps with allowing me to understand and correct what I did wrong
I like the overall look and layout of your site, but I think your colors could use some adjustment. Light gray and yellow on pure white background simply doesn't do it for me, it's sorta hard to read and probably not too great for the eyes, so maybe darken it up, or add some contrast. Another thing I noticed when I was loading your site was that it seems to be way to image intensive. I'm not sure if it's simply because I'm halfway around the world (I'm in the US), but it seemed to take forever for it to load, with all those huge images. You can try cutting it up and taking out the unnecessary parts; a lot of your site seems to be white background, so maybe you can chop it up and just use the background color as white?
BLAK wrote:
your website design is not one of those professional ones, but I have seen your drawings and I think you have some really good artwork there...

keep up with good work and in the future you will have some good portfolio Wink


Thank you, I appreciate the feedhback, as well. As I said it sucks right now but I am building a new site as we speak and should have it up soon. I finally found some free time to work on it, and have learned alot since I created the original. I will let you know when it is online and you can give me some more feedback too. Happy New Year.
Okey, no problem Wink

Happy New Year ^^
Well it certainly shows off your graphic abilities!
Is there a reason you chose to use frames, though?
Really, your graphics and your design are good enough that it would be well worth investing the effort to code it properly - with (X)HTML and CSS etc.
The problem is that I only know basics of HyperText Mark-up Language (which is HTML).
And at the beginning I didn't have anyone who would actually code it properly without frames etc...
Plus I think that Frihost server is not quick enough to load some images. So I'm worried that when some client visit my website, he will be disappointed and close the website because of loading time. domain is for two years so I will maybe do some completely new website and start all over again. What do you think? What should I do?
Well, if I were you I'd rewrite the code using XHML and CSS.
And your images are beautiful, but if you want to design for the internet, you'll have to learn to optimize them anyways. Maybe now is a good time to work out how to shrink them. Break them up and use small repeating background images whenever you can, and look into compression formats etc. that will give you enough resolution to look nice on the web, but will shrink those file sizes down.
If you need help with the html, let me know - I can talk you through it. (And if you get the hang of shrinking those images, let me know - i might have some work for you! Razz )
Really, your layout is beautiful, you just need some help with your code. Don't be discouraged. This stuff takes time!
Yeah, I will try to update my website soon and shrink all those images...
we'll see if it still slow or not...
BTW I just have to say, that you do really amazing work. Congrats on all your success!
Thats and amazing site you got their ! and i love your portfolio ! Very Happy

Keep up the good work !
oH... Thank you very much hehe... Smile
I didn't know that some more people like to visit my website...I'm glad to hear that from you.

I was actually thinking about doing my online portfolio again, but now I don't think this is good idea, because this website took me and my mate long time... So I will continue with that one...

once again thank you to all who visited my website and again, still waint for more comments Wink

Guide to make your site valid:
The line which has content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> should be content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />.
Also your stylesheet tag should end properly: from href="stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> to href="stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
There is no *margin attributes in <body>, so remove all the *margin attributes and add them in to your CSS-file. margin-top: 0; ...
Remove target="", you don't need it. But leave all them, where is something in, remove only empty ones.
There is no background attribute so change <td align="center" valign="middle" background="images/index_12.jpg"> to <td align="center" valign="middle" style="background: url('images/index_12.jpg')">, or add background properties in CSS-file, which is much better way.
Replace all border attributes with CSS-file.
<img /> must have alt attribute and <img /> must be <img />, not <img>.

Fix those and tell us about them. After that we could tell you, how to fix rest of the errors.
The thing is, I don't know how to fix those errors. Can anyone help me with that? If you help me, I do some designs for you instead!

Did you do all the coding for the website yourself?
hey there! i like the site! very clean and fresh looking. i would say the contact form on the homepage could use some room though. and i would add this code to your css to get rid of the dotted lines that show up when you click on a link to one of your other pages:

* :focus {
outline: none;

i like your portfolio layout too. very easy to navigate.
Very Happy
My mate did all the major coding and I (kind of) finished it Smile
Wow you are wonderful at graphic design, I love all of your work
The site looks great as well, awesome job! Smile
i really like it and am wondering if you used a template to design the site?
Well this is a very good design. I like it, especially that bottom banner. Nice work! Cool
the bottom banner is great, but some of the text previews a tad small i still think
Nope... I used my imagination and skills to design this layout. Smile
I didn't use a template. I have designer the website by myself using Adobe Photoshop CS2 (for layout) and Adobe Dreamweaver (for coding). But as I said before, my mate has been doing all the coding for me. I just designer graphics which is layout, buttons, thumgnails and obviously all the art etc... Smile
Last night I have uploaded my website, there are more promotional literature and typography designs.

Please feel free to post a comment about those new graphics. Smile

Thank you for visiting.
cool template design, if its possible, have u made any other templates?

Im really like the look of the site, its very simplt, yet not so simple that im instnaly bored with the site, however, I do think the little middle border line should be a bit darker... it has a lot of white space there, and a nice dark color would do some good there (or even some light color as long as you could see it).
Could you explain me little bit more about those colour you like because I don't undesrtand you hehe Smile

Thank you again, for all your comments.
The design is simply excellent. Nice work.
I love complaint with me.
I have update my portfolio today, have a look at "Record Sleeve Design" section
+ I uploaded my first ever animation (go to animation section)

What do you think about those? Smile

post a comment here.
BLAK wrote:
I have update my portfolio today, have a look at "Record Sleeve Design" section
+ I uploaded my first ever animation (go to animation section)

What do you think about those? Smile

post a comment here.

I really like this - looks graet, is clear and easy to find what i wanna see.

Design is good although the bottom navigation is a little confusing. Without being familiar with those logos one assumes that those buttons navigate to sections of your site. There is nothing that descrives what exactly they are and what their function is.
True saying...
Should I put web addresses underneath those logos? What do you think?
u may not need adresses, maybe play with using the word links to one side if it in a subtle manner.
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