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php tidy?

Why is PHP automatically changing my "&lt;" and similar tags automatically to "<" when it processes a page? It's driving me crazy! How can I bend a website to my will when it has a mind of it's own?!?!

you can type "&amp;lt;" . then it is ok.
but PHP is processing even &amp;lt; and making it &lt;. When I view the source the server gives my web browser it does this. even if I accidentally do something like <lol tar gz ha>, it turns it into <lol tar="" gz="" ha="">


and I've tested this on IE7, Firefox 2 & 3, and Safari. It's not a browser problem, it's a server jig. lol.
Can you give a small sample piece of code where this happens?
gosh, I get it all typed up and then the power blinks and I lose it. curses....

let me try to explain.. Again. What I am trying to do takes up 3 separate php pages. There's the Form page, the submission page, and the preview page. And i'm using frames... here I'll draw an example

-------------Form frame

-----Preview/Submission frame


When the form is submitted, it loads in the bottom frame to the submission page, where the collected data is put into a SESSION variable. Once complete it redirects the frame back to the Preview page, where PHP echo's the SESSION variants to the page.

the preview page's setup in PHP is similar to this:
include ('/PATH~/1top.php');

echo $_SESSION['inputtextarea1'];

include ('/PATH~/2bot.php');
include ('/PATH~/tracker.php');


the includes "1top" and "2bot" are the tops and bottoms to the pages layout style. and "tracker" is, well a google tracker.

here's the stupidly interesting part. I just told PHP to echo(or print, it works the same, I've tried) inputtextarea1 to that spot. BUT! if that data has any <style> or <javascript> tags and information in it, it automatically bumps that select part of the 'inpuittextarea1' data to inside the <head></head> tags at which are included from "1top.php". AND it leaves the rest of the SESSION data right where I told it to go.

I also have my Form Page setup, so in the event the client Refreshes the entire page, it will echo(or again, print) 'inputtextarea1' to the <textarea>field like I want it to, but it STILL automatically processes '&lt;' or '&gt;' to '<' and '>'. it even takes '=' and makes it '<'!! I can't get around it nd it's screwing up my work! It doesn't matter if I add my own str_replace() filters inside my php code to change '&lt;' or '<' back and forth, because PHP has a mind of it's own and doesn't care!

any idea's?

Bondings? Someone? Anyone with extensive knowledge of all the 'function=' that come with PHP? this is tiresome.
There isn't any setting on frihost which makes PHP change &lt; to '<', etc. If I put up this little PHP script, it does what you would expect it does:




  echo "&lt;b&gt;hello&lt;/b&gt;";

a thought just occured to me... could having
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

in my pages be doing this... I'm removing it now to see if it effects anything.

ah ha. I just turned off my styles, so now I have Just my body content, and it shows &quot; in the source other than ".

Here's the page I'm testing this on. It's a simple page I made which saves the form data to MySQL. Play around if you want. Right now it just doesn't have a style though. I'll be playing with it through out the day to see what caused this.

I still haven't tested the <style> tag though. It might still move around, I'll test that after I eat dinner.



the /text.php page is still working like I said, but the one I noticed this on(which uses sessions) is still buggin' out. garr
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