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HELP! My account unactivated itself!!!!!

Somebody help me please!!!!!!!!

I just updated my email and password on my profile, then I submitted.
A message came up quickly saying something like "you have changed important information so your account is going to be unactivated" before redirecting to the forum index with me logged out.

When I sign in with the new details I get
"You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password."

When I go to password recovery with the new details I get
"Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information."

Please help me, I'm locked out of my own account!!!!!
Even my website is offline!!!!!
PS. My account is dray101
My website just came back, don't know why

I think I just worked out what I did wrong. The email address I changed it to was wrong (ie. its not an account I have).
It's when I use this email that I get the "Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information." the email address it should be it doesn't recognise.

Should I contact admin on (gc= general contact) cause thats the only other thing I can think of (you can't post or PM without an account Evil or Very Mad )???

I will if I don't get a reply here within a few days cause I really need my account but contact page says "Please do not use this [email address] for hosting support or related questions. You should post them on our forums, more precisely either in the Guests, Frihost Support or Web Hosting Support forum."
here's the reply Smile .
An admin will notice this thread, activate the account dray101 and you'll be able to login again. Then you'll be able to change the mail address to the one you want and after you activate it again everything will be fine Very Happy .
Your account has been activated. please correct the email contact (be carefull with what you write as your mail, it'll deactivate your account again). After that you'll receive an email on that account to confirm and reactivate your account.

Be Well Cool
Thanx guys it was a few more steps before I got everything fine again (for some strange reason I couldn't change my email address [it said wrong password] but could change other settings, then I changed my email and password and it accepted but when I went to login it wouldn't accept my new password [which I know was right], then I asked for a new password [forgot your password thing] and tried that straight away and it said wrong password [not again Rolling Eyes ] and this time it locked my out for 30mins cause I had tried too many times. Anyway today I tried again with the new generated password and it worked so I've changed it to my wanted password now and my emails correct, woh! Shocked

So yeah, as I said thanx Laughing
Good to see you back.

I'll just -close- this one then.

Be Well Cool
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