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We're a growing gaming community, so if you'd like to sign up, click here. We have over 100 members! Feel free to talk about your favorite video games, and from any company. You’re not limited to Nintendo. Feel free to talk about your favorite xbox360, ps3, etc., games. If you ever feel like chatting about other things, our general discussion board is open too.

-Fully customizable signatures. You can even have pictures and links in it right off the bat. Add little pets to it if you’d like.
-Fully customizable avatars which can be up to 100x100 in size.
-Ink Shop: Have a signature or avatar made just for you.
-ShoutOut Box
-Various Boards
-Poll: Create a poll for other members to vote in.
-PM - Private Messaging System
-Member Contests and Games
-Skin Selector: Don't like the look of the forum? We have more forum skins to choose from. As of right now, we have 10+ skins to fit your style.
-Store & Money system: You get “starbucks” for registering, making new polls, creating new threads, and making replies. You can use this to purchase items from the forum store.
-Rank System – as you post more, your forum ranking may increase. This rank extends from New Gamer to +True Gamer. Special ranks are also available such as Top Recruiter (for recruiting new members) and Honorary Member (for being a dedicated member).
-More features will be available very soon.

Special Boards:
Video Zone – post your gameplay videos to either show off or help other users in a video tutorial
Wifi Tournaments – host and join tournaments
Game Reviews – How would you critique a video game? Rate it on the story, graphics, controls, and whatnot.

Ongoing Events
December 07’s Referral Contest – recruit as many members as you can to get the Top Recruiter rank.
Holiday Event: collect 3 items around the forum and win a prize

+Friday Night Trivia: Win to get the King/Queen of Games rank.
+More Holiday Events:
--Examples: Card making for Valentine's Day, Pranks on April Fools', and egg hunting on Easter

Special ranks and positions will be available as more members sign up.

Also, if any user-made forum is interested in being an affiliate or merging with us, please contact me there.
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