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Shweta Mahajan Files For Divorce!

Rahul Mahajan's wife and Late.Pramod Mahan's daughter-in-law, Shwetha Mahajan filed for divorce today in a Delhi court.

Recently she even went public with pictures showing the battering she received from her husband Rahul Mahajan. It's not even one year since their marriage and just after few months, their marriage started breaking up.

Pramod Mahajan was one of the key figures in the BJP party and occupied several top positions in the previous government. He is supposed to be the future PM but with a twist in the tale, Pramod Mahajan was shot dead by his own brother Praveen Mahajan (Presumed as the case is still in court) due to some matters regarding money.

There were also several other accusations Praveen Mahajan threw at Pramod but no one knows whether to believe them or not.
It's good to see scandal in the news of other nations, too... for a while, there, I thought we were the only nation with a moronic love of our politicians' personal affairs. Rolling Eyes
ha ha

Only god knows the truth.... Smile
It is politics everywhere, right everywhere from Birth till Death Razz
Rahul Mahajan is such an idiot
Rahul Mahajan is a total a** h****.
Pramod Mahajan was a decent leader and if he had lived long enough to become a PM I believe he would hav done a good job.
But his son is a total dissapointment. A good for nothing spoiled drug addict living on his dad's riches.
When people are in power, their families get corrupted. It is indeed sorry to see the family of such a promising political leader go to pieces. I wish the son had been brought up in a better manner, as to challenge the other dynasty politicians trying to rule the roost in the Indian political scenario.
I agree with ganesh's comment.I see most of the politicians children on wrong way.They become famous automatically and are respected because of their parents good dids.Rahul Mahajan ,son of such a great leader, Pramod Mahajan behaved so badly in the party with his friends who had made him a bit week because of his fathers murder case matter.That was the main thing that made a big gap between Shweta and Rahul.Now the court has ordered them to stay 6 months away from each other and then only they will get divorse.I really feel sorry for their family.
Too much money and power definitely corrupts. Pramod Mahajan himself was known as a flamboyant and flashy leader who likes rich living and beautiful girls. No wonder his son Rahul has turned out in such a way.

You cannot reverse the process of your thinking which has been there for 25 years in one year and expect Rahul Mahajan to turn into a good man over night. The rut has set in too deep and he did not even value the woman who stood by him when his father expired.

What was shocking was Rahul Mahajan taking drugs and drinking with his fathers ashes lying in the next room. This shows what culture he has grown up with. I blame the mother mostly because she is responsible to incalculate good behavior in her children.
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