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Things To Do If your Ill At Home

Ok so your ill and your feeling well enough to be bored just lying in bed you need a bit more no not work not just yet,something to keep you amused,pass the time if you like.

1.Watch All the extras on your favorite DVDS

2.Flick around on daytime tv and try and find some porn.

3.Open up your concole like you allways wanted to do and have a look inside,It cant be that hard to solder a couple of wires and bamm you got a chipped concole.


Well what else is there to do when your ill other then T.V. video games and all that other good stuff? Oh yea i can think of one that you failed to mention. GET ON FRIHOST!! Twisted Evil that always cures my boredom sick or not i always seem to find time to hop on and browse quickly through the forums next thing i know its 4:00 AM like it is right now and my girlfriend is yelling at me to come to bed yet i find myself posting more and more within the forums. Oh well i guess this place will still be here in the morning i gotta get the hell outta here.
you would have to be more than just sick to be watching all the extras on your dvds, but anyway strange enough last time i got ill i did open up my ps2.
watch television, sleep, chill. Ah the good life.... well except that you are sick Razz
Sleep in, then sit on the internet for a couple of hours. Watch some movies sometimes but usually a lot of reading, newspaper cover to cover first and then some magazines, nothing too heavy.
I just sleep when I am ill. hehe. sleep a lot. I watch TV but not as much cause it makes my eyes tired. i listen to some music and relax. i tend to do as little as possible so i could rest and get better. lol. i don't really get ill that often though.
I tend to plan things like this. Problem is when I do get sick I don't feel like doing any of them. If I'm well enough to read or get onto internet then I'm not really sick. If I am sick then I can at best watch a football match on TV.
Do something awesome that can waste hours and hours of time. Like or playing Frontier: First Encounters.
In my case, just sleep. Sleep as much as possible. If I can no longer sleep, turn on the television. Nothing good on TV? Then just pop in a cassette. (VHS, not DVD). Afterwards, I'd just boot up my computer and post on forums and just read random stuff on the internet. If I'm not well enough to get out of bed, I'll just grab a laptop and work on it. Other than that, I don't do much more other than eat. I mainly just try to relax and chill out.
The last time I was ill at home, I was almost literally too sick to do anything; leaving my bed for just one hour to use the computer already made me feel like returning to under my covers. Like william, the first thing I would do is get as much sleep as possible in. If that does not work, however, I normally try to preoccupy myself with video games (which sometimes doesn't work, depending on how much energy I have, after fighting the cold).
Yantaal wrote:

I was thinking the same thing.
Play world of warcraft while performing yantaal's suggestion?
Nah, do something constructive, like make a teddy bear out of belly button lint.
Watch hours of anime and Japanese dramas on
well if you well enough to do all of that stuff why are you home anyway???

When I am ill at home, which is actually quite rare for me, and im bored out of my mind, I just go to sleep. Your body will recover faster if you sleep more. Why stay up and be bored when you got a perfectly good excuse to sleep?
Kitten Kong
Well seeing as I work from home my schedule doesn't change that much when I am stuck here due to illness. Of course sometimes I may be too ill to even do my normal work in which case I will devote my time to playing video games, watching TV and sleeping in bed, dreaming of my favourite supermodel. I love being sick.....
smokey4life wrote:
Oh yea i can think of one that you failed to mention. GET ON FRIHOST!! Twisted Evil that always cures my boredom sick or not i always seem to find time to hop on and browse quickly through the forums

That mad my laugh out loud look at your points -163.10

Thats funny!!!
Watch TV, chat online with firends in different timezones, text your friends who are in class, SLEEP, read a little lighter stuff, veg, browse the internet, take out the photoshop.

If youre really sick, turn on the music and sleep awhile. Or watch crappy TV halfasleep in bed. Smile
Heyyy all!

Well there are many things that you can do while ur Ill at home... my favourite thing would be probably sit up in a warm bed, grab some food, and watch the tv (mouahahaha) Laughing
But depending on what the person prefear to do... some probably would just prefear to sleep all the way or just play some computer games or do something on computer...

Even watching outside cud b fun! Watch animes hahaha

Well work on ur web site wudnt b a bad idea n either haha

cya all.
When I'm at home I sleep a lot, watch a lot of tv and listen to music. I do not have a dvd player or computer games to play all day long. So as soon as the sun sets, I go out and hang out with my friends and watch people go by.
When I'm sick and laying on the couch, I always find myself turning on the television and watching some of the shows I used to like when I was a kid. There's not much on television on a weekday afternoon, so why not watch Mr. Rogers and reminisce about one's more innocent days? It's somewhat entertaining, at the very least.

Besides watching television or movies, reading is a good activity when you're sick, as long as it's something simple. That's something that I can only do for a small amount of time when sick, as I usually get a headache or just feel tired after a while. However, it's still a good way to temporarily relieve boredom when stuck in bed.

Last, drawing something is sometimes fun. I never feel like creating a masterpiece when I'm sick, but I sometimes find myself drawing silly pictures to entertain myself. That's something that can be done laying down, so one doesn't need to exert oneself too much. However, like reading, this tires me out after awhile, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, seeing as one can't be bored while sleeping.
when im sick, i just sleep and sit behind pc
when im not sick, pc ^^

check out blogs I never have time to otherwise


jerry springer show Smile

you can get inspiration from the song 'calling in sick' by weird al .. lots of good ideas there

Blaster wrote:
Yantaal wrote:

I was thinking the same thing.


Uh, another good idea would be to level up your pokemon, just in case the time should come where you must battle FOR YOUR LIFE!
Any sort of power exercies, like weight lifting.
Stimulation of the muscles increases the positive vector of your total bioenergetical field.
Meaning you will heal faster if you do physical exercises.
From personal experience I don't recommend doing any aerobics though, but power exercises work like a charm. Plus you burn calories Smile
This phenomemon was discovered by a physicist I know in person, who's researching biophysics.

1. World of Warcraft

2. Counter Strike

3. Smoke A Butt

4. Watch ESPN
Do computer: browse the web, play any computer games you have on the thing Smile
If I'm ill but well enough to move around, I clean my house. A clean house helps me clear my mind, releases tension, keeps me feeling positive and prevents excessive stress. Otherwise I'll sketch, watch a flick, search for information on Google that I've always been curious about, cook myself warm food or maybe take a short hot shower. Of course, this is basically what I'm always doing in my free time except that when I'm not sick, I utilize my mental and physical stamina to work on a craft project.
thomasw wrote:
well if you well enough to do all of that stuff why are you home anyway???


Totally agree! ^^

Might be some kind of Ferris Bueller illness.
I'm often that kind of sick (when I'm lying in bed, I feel good, when I get up, I feel dizzy) and mostly I read books, chat with people (I sleep in the daytime then, so when I'm awake they're online) work on some websites or watch internet shows.
Internet shows include G4, the german Ehrensenf, Rocketboom and TeXtra.
I only watch these shows when I'm totally bored, and I'm only totally bored when I'm lying in my bed all day...
Laughing Laughing for me it would be dvds, video games and tv to pass the time when im ill Laughing Laughing
Whine. I'm sick today, and I'm really getting in a maximum of whining and complaining.
Not particularly fun, perhaps, but it seems to be something I can pull off successfully!
Take medicine so you can escape the illnes?
Or you could play all day video games, read a book, stare at the walls, draw (rellaxing for me), watch the TV, socialize with your friends or parents.
Run around naked!....Naw just kidding, take meds, get some rest and relaxation.
BPrice wrote:
Laughing Laughing for me it would be dvds, video games and tv to pass the time when im ill Laughing Laughing

lol yeah i do that anyways even if im healthy. =P
I sleep a lot, which I love!
Being ill it's a very good excuse for sleeping as much as you can. People don't come to you and say "you really shouldn't sleep that much" or else. It gives you some kind of "freedom" to do whatever you want (or can, since you're ill) and people just don't matter at all!
I like to mope around and pretend I'm not sick, but I know I'm sick, so I complain about it a lot to people and justify drinking a lot of 7-up and eating ice cream.

You do the same, ya?
Right now, I have a fever. Confused What I usually do depends on how sick I am. If it's really bad, I usually spend almost whole day in bed because I don't have any will to do anything else. But if I don't have so high temperature, I usually watch movies and surf on internet.
When I’m ill I usually stay in bed as much I can. If I have temperature I don’t have will to read or think about something, I sleep a lot and relax. When I can’t stand that any more I watch TV or call some of my friends to talk about anything.
i m watching divx movies at home...and like to talk about that movies i watched in websites...
and i like to collect e-books i have tons of them in my pc:)
and listening enstrumantal music newage music is also one of my hobies
I sleep a lot and play video games when I am awake. And when I say a lot I mean 14 hours plus.
marrs wrote:

2.Flick around on daytime tv and try and find some porn

Porn? Laughing Daytime TV?? Laughing Laughing I know here in Australia, you are likely to see those two things ever combined! Razz

As for things to do when you're sick...I'd probably watch a few DVDs, read a few books and magazines, and sleep. That's about it.
It all depends how sick I am. Most things I read or have heard say that as long as you are resting, you can do some work. The key is that you are resting and allowing your body to fight the sickness. You don't have to stay in bed. You can even do some light work.

Rest is the key. If you are stressed because you are not working it will not befit you as if you are doing some work and feel less stressed.
I think that depends on how sick you are!

I'd probably spend most of it at my computer, and try and kill a few hours. As was already stated by someone else though, my eyes tend to get tired or I find myself unable to focus. At this point I usually lay down with the knowledge that the more I sleep the sooner I will be able to function normally again.

Another thing that helps if you're feeling miserable is a warm bath. Something about that just makes you feel so much better that words cannot even describe it.
skygaia wrote:
sleeping is the best Laughing

totally, I vote for that....all the time. I say 23.5 when I am really sick helps a ton.
Ugh. im sick with strep now and both my lil sisters have it too. we all stayed home today and probably tomorrow. im so insanley bored (after my fever broke) that i was boredd enough to get out the anceint Lego box. we are alone from 10 to 3 bcause moms at work...and im in torture. i know evrybdy says 2 sleep alot and stuff but a person can only sleep so much...helppppppp.......
I would just sleep until I can't sleep anymore. Then probably read or surf the web or do whatever. I don't remember the last time I was sick, so it's hard to say what I would do. And when I was sick back then, I didn't have the internet at my disposal, so I don't even remember what I did. Probably watched some TV and read some books or something. Back when books and TV were actually interesting.
When I am ill at home I sign up to new forums and bump their topics? I guess?
Well another sick day just make a list of really dumb things u havent done sisce u were 6 like play with legos and stuff lol and maybe some fun stuff like GO ON FRIHOST! xo
if you are ill, then there is no mind for watching tv or some thing that increase mental strain.
Even reading can make you feel bad. Best way i used to do is listening to cool music with
my walkman. simply close the eyes, and listen to music in low volume, is good for relaxation.
If I'm ill at home (which is quite rare unless it's as a result of a night of excess) my usual strategy is just to stay in bed and let sleep take care of it for me. Being ill by default is not a particularly nice experience so escaping to the land of dreams is a much better option in my opinion.
Watch TV, dvds, computer, sleep... Send your younger sister/brother to get you stuff.
i'll just read books. I think its cool! Smile
Once I had a severe cold, I felt so weak that I stayed in bed most of time. The only time I got off the bed was to drank water, took medicine, cook easy food, and went bathroom.

I turned radio on when I could close my eye to take rest, and fell asleep.

When I had more energy, I turned on computer.
hm, i go for games and the xxx and playing instruments.
I just went through this and I find that I always have something to do as long as I have a (functioning) computer. Wink
Rest, sleep, watch tv, and don't use my computer.

Eat well, even if it's hard to do when you're ill Smile
download linux multimedia studio, and watch tutorials on youtube about how to make music in linux multimedia studio
These are mine:

1. Play Black Ops
2. Play Age of Empires III
3. Work on a website.
4. Learn a programming language.
5. Watch a bunch of T.V.
Reading storybook

Good movie

and spending quality time with wife
playing computer games is allways good to kill some time, and especially if you are ill it passes very slowly. Of course let you're mum /girlfriend cook for you, is also a positive aspect when you are ill Smile
captainsuperdude wrote:
download linux multimedia studio, and watch tutorials on youtube about how to make music in linux multimedia studio

hmmm...sounds like your an undercover agent for "linux multimedia studio"! Twisted Evil

There's another thing to do when sick @ home....sell/advertise other peoples products! Laughing
Read! I never have time to read anymore, mostly because of my short attention span that has developed from my years of video gaming, but I would really like to read a lot more. If I'm sick in bed, that provides the perfect environment to catch up on some literature. I'm in my bed, comfortable, and I don't have to leave because people are bringing me food while I'm sick. I can just lie in bed and read all day, and it doesn't even have to be something super entertaining, because I'm in the perfect position to fall asleep afterwards. However, it doesn't work well if you're in college like me and there's no caring mother to tend to you. Meaning that you have to walk to the dining hall to get food and that's a big pain.
Insanity wrote:
Read! I never have time to read anymore, mostly because of my short attention span that has developed from my years of video gaming,
I'm exactly in the same situation. I have developed an enormous short attention span. If I can't get all the info in the first paragraph I start to loose my concentration. I also can't read fiction any more. I used to love who dunnit books. The last book I read must have been a few years ago. The closest I get to books is general interest on diving, photography, or Website building. But mostly I'm clicking for info on the Internet.

If I'm ill, which is fortunately very rarely the case, I usually zonk myself out with medication and sleep as much as I can. When I am in semi-recovery, I usually watch TV or tackle the Internet.
You could... post on Frihost forums like a maniac! It doesn't hurt at all and you gain more Frih$ and Coins.
You could also listen to music while lying on your bed or just read a pair of books.
I always play Scrabble online, do crosswords and sudokus...
When I'm home sick I like to make a nice cup of tea and watch the science channel specials that come on. You can seriously learn a lot from watching the shows on there. My favorite was definitely the special on space travel in the future and how we are developing concepts and ideas now.
Being sick in college is a lot less fun than being sick at home. Gah.
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