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Flying Humans - To overcome the limit of a human

Flying Humans - To overcome the limit of a human

It is a good try to overcome the limit of human so we could fly just like a bird.
But this is actually a risk try and be sure have enought protection.

YourTube Video :

Jeb Corliss wants to fly — not the way the Wright brothers wanted to fly, but the way we do in our dreams. He wants to jump from a helicopter and land without using a parachute.

And his dream, strange as it sounds, is not unique. Around the globe, Mr. Corliss said, at least a half-dozen groups — in France, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia and the United States — have the same goal in mind. Although nobody is waving a flag, the quest has evoked the spirit of nations’ pursuits of Everest and the North and South Poles

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Man if anything slight cut happens to there suits, they will go down in a hurry. But I pray tht won't happen.
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