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Jet Force Gemini!

Hey all,

Here's another blast from the past.....

After the present game consoles have been released I never thought I would come back to this. But this is one thing I couldnt ignore. Jet Force Gemini is without a doubt one of the greatest action packed third person shooters of all time. At first the game seems a little simple as you start off with one character and only a simple pistol. The level is also pretty straight forward and nothing greatly impressive happens at this time. But once you come across the second level, gaining the machine gun for the first time, you enter one of the most action packed epic experiences on an alien spaceship-and this is rarely seen through action shooters.

The game's basic goal is to search for and rescue the Tribals(Ewok like creatures), who've been attacked and enslaved by alien insects(large and small).The enemies carry a great deal of AI. They can run for cover, dodge, weave, and they have weak points and defenses. Some enemies use different attacks, depending on whether they've spotted you or not. Others are mindless drones who use sheer numbers to overwhelm.

Jet Force Gemini has such a wide variety of awesome gameplay that it could be broken up into four separate games and still receive its strong reviews. Constant action, Adventure, Sniping and stealth and a great deal of exploration, with both Third-Person and First-person views. Throughout the game, as you come across each of the three characters, who each have their different special abilities, you will notice that some areas cannot be accessed by certain characters and require others to return to the same level to complete it 100%.

The game is overloaded with atmosphere within both its action scenes, incredible soundtrack and its great level designs that some may notice have a resemblence of Hyrule from Zelda. The graphics are colourful and stunning. The bosses throughout are probably the most impressive bosses ive seen in any game at that time.

There is one thing about the game that isnt entirely a flaw, but you still need to be aware of. Its the controls that may take a little getting used to. For a game of constant action, exploration, stunning graphics and impressive story and bosses, Jet Force Gemini feels like the largest action packed Hollywood epic ever.

Keep it real....
I had this game on N64 I remember. For some reason it caught my eye so I ended up getting it and liked it. All I really remember was killing giant blue ants and unlocking the the girl and that dog. I got stuck somewhere along and never ended up finishing the game. Definitely a classic though and it was a bit underrated since I don't remember many people playing it when it was out but the reviews for it were good.
Patriot Players
I LOVED this game. It was so ridiculously much fun. Of course at the time I played, i was still very new to gaming in general and wasnt very good, but damn this game was fun. The multiplayers was great too. Each character was cool, had their own different abilities or w/e, and the levels included some puzzle like characteristics as well. I wish they would do a new jet force gemini game, would be a whole lot of fun.
I honestly didnt see why this game was so great. I played through it and it was enjoyable dont get me wrong, but I think this is one of the many games from Nintendo that were over-hyped to boost sales
I almost completely forgot about this game thanks for reminding me Very Happy it was amazing. i went over to my cousins house all the time and we played it. Very Happy o0mg it was so much fun haha i remember tho.. i wasn't that good at all. lol
JFG was the first game I ever actually wanted the soundtrack for. Still have those tracks on this very computer, actually... orchestration was keen.

Also, the asploding of bugs was VERY keen when I was 15. XD
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