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My mini Pirates of the Burning Sea review

I got into the beta of Pirates of the Burning Sea just before the open beta started. If you haven't heard of it, the idea is that it's World of Warcraft but in a pirate setting. At first glance... it's a horrible, horrible game.

I clicked "PLAY" and it loaded up to a server select screen, so I clicked blackbeard (US) and out of habit clicked the button on the lower right to connect. That's where the connect button ought to be, that's where it always is... but not here, no it's the quit button. Without even verifying, I am back at the desktop. GREAT START PIRATE GAME.

So I try again and managed to click "connect" this time, on the far left for some stupid reason. Once in game I find it at some weird ass res with no way to alter it, as it happens you have to wait until your ingame to do that. Fine.

Next, I'm making my pirate dude. Click and drag the fellow to spin him around it says, and when I click it zooms in. Oh, they mean RIGHT click. That's mighty unimpressive UI design there pirate game. So anyway, I put my dude together and dress him all in green for no real reason. Named him Lime Rickey and all through the process I was just getting more of a bad vibe from the entire experience. It felt undeniably like a cheesy shareware game from some non-English speaking game developer in Croatia or something.

So I take Captain Lime Rickey into the game and I'm standing in some ship that's apparently under fire or something. I don't particularly care mind you because I find I can now finally adjust my screen res, which I do giving me 1680x1050 worth of shitty pirate game on my 21 inch widescreen.

Can I sword fight anyone? No I have to talk to some guy first, which is a shame because at this point I'm really in the mood to stab someone. Click, read AI commentary, leave. aha, now on to the stabbing. Click bad guy, click STAB IN FACE icon at the bottom, or whatever it was called and behold my pirate whacks the dude with his sword. Dude dies. Find next dude. Repeat. After a tedious few minutes the deck is clear of bad guys and I have to talk to someone again. He's standing next to two other AI people who are apparently cleaning the ship. Why didn't they help in the fighting? Probably because even as AI, they realized it was stupidly executed.

Finally, after another AI scripted chat I get the ship! The view changes to an exterior view and I am treated with a lackluster attempt at an ocean, with my ship on it. Yes, I said lackluster attempt at an ocean... sorry Croatian game devs, I've not only seen the ocean in Crysis but I've also seen a real ocean and this looks like neither. Obviously whatever country this pile of dogshit was slapped together in is entirely landlocked.

At this point in the proceedings I'd about had enough of piracy and all that entails so I half heartedly attempted to steer the ship around, or fire cannons by mashing all the keys on my keyboard with my hands. Nothing happened, but happily the escape key functioned as expected and I was able to quit back to the desktop. Again, but on purpose this time.

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