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What games are you playing these days?

Here's my list;

Crysis - Recently finished it. Good but not great, though the graphics are outstanding.
Call of Duty4 - Finished it two nights ago. Unexpectedly awesome, and yes I liked it more than Crysis.
Medieval 2 Total War - Just getting back into this for no real reason. I suck mightily, but it's still fun.
ArmA - As fun as OFP ever was with better graphics. I mainly just mess around making skirmishes in the editor.
Gears of War - Not digging the gameplay/story too much so far but it's graphically gorgeous.
World in Conflict - It's exactly Company of Heroes with a modern setting, and as I'm completely sick of WWII titles these days I'm enjoying it as much as I can enjoy any RTS.
rfactor - ... but only now and then.
Patriot Players
EVE Online- Yeah, this pretty much eats my game time. Excellent absorbing MMO. Its absolutely amazing. Largely mature community too, provided you avoid the Goonswarm.
Half-life Deathmatch 2 (Really good game!)
Maplestory (cause I'm broken)
Deathmatch classic (F. action and fun)
Age Of Empires 2 (Custom maps are fun)

I just beat mario galaxy and assassin's creeed. Right now I'm playing wild arms 5.
I don't do that much game playing! Razz

What I mostly play these days is Slime Online (, but I mostly play that to hack it as I am on the hacking team. Wink
i am playing china based game, it is Pop kart. very exciting and interesting game.
Hi Guys ,,,,,,,,,

my favorite games that I play now are...............

4. and a few otherss.....
4. and a few others.....
Dofus - Online mmorpg

I'm also looking into other mmos
1) World of Warcraft (rarely)
2) Supreme commander forged Alliance
3) Jade Empire (pc)
4) Evil genius

are the games i currently play
Fire Boar
Neverwinter Nights. That's the first game, not the second. It's as old as dirt, but still just as playable as when it first came out, and the multiplayer rocks!
Games Currently Playing:

World of Warcraft (Occasionally) The only mmorpg I play right now.
Warcraft III (Frequently) I've been playing this for 5 years and it is still my favorite RTS.
Guitar Hero III (Occasionally) Good if you want to just pick up a plastic guitar and play a song.
Assassin's Creed (Frequently) Incredible game so far.
Call of Duty 4 (Already finished it) Liked this game alot, but the story ended too fast.
The Darkness (Occasionally) I like the objective of the game, but I still haven't got use to the controls yet.

I'm planning on getting the PS3 on annual gift day so I'll have this list updated when I can. Okay I got my list updated.
let's see, i'm playing...

Super Mario Galaxy: I've beat the whole game twice(for those who know what the secret is), and i still pop it in every few days to play around for a little while when i'm bord.

Animal Crossing Wild World: my little sister found the game (after being lost for over a year) and we've both been playing through it again get more money.

Mercury Meltdown Revolution: Not very many people now about this game, but it's actually fairly good, and it's definatly worth the $20. bought it a few dyas ago, and i've been playing through it. Its fun, but it is hard.

Runescape: Havn't been on in like 6 months, so i decided i would get on for a little while. got semi addicted to it again, and i'm going to buy 1-months members for it to pley over the vristmas holidays.
Call of Duty 4 Great up to date shooter with superb graphics and excellent MP.
Portal on The Orange Box. That is one really wierd experience that has had my head split with frustration!
Battle for Middle Earth II
PES 6, actually, I only play soccer games in my ps2, like Winning Eleven series and pes series.
Well I used to have an Xbox, but my brother sold that and all my games to get me a Nintendo DS. The only reason that we did that really was because I was getting bored of my Xbox and already beaten all of my games that I had and nothing else seemed really interesting. Currently I have a DS and a Nintendo GameCube. I also play computer games at times. Here is a list of the games that I now play.


TrueCrime Streets of LA - I've had the game before, and I've beaten it before. Really easy game, I just like mssing around with the city people.
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 - Only play it when I'm bored really. It's fun when I'm not in the mood for anything else and I don't want to stare at the wall.
Prince of Egypt - I've had the game before, and I've beaten it before. I LOVE the game, its graphics, and its story line. It's a really good game and I recommend it to anyone who has a GameCube.
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory - I love Splinter Cell. I've beaten all the other games in the series, and this is the current game I have. I've beaten the game for Xbox, but now I play it for GameCube.

Nintendo DS:

Mario Kart DS - I like the game, I've beaten it and mostly play on WiFi.
Animal Crossing Wild World DS - I lOVE this game, but it takes up a lot of time when I'm trying to pay off the mortgages. I recommend it to play for at least 10 minutes everyday if you're mad at someone, or need to get something off of your mind.
Super Marid 64 DS - I've beaten it for 64 and now I'm close to beating it again for the DS. It's fun to play every once in a while, but it gets boring when you're trying to get the last few stars.

Gameboy Advance:

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords - I've always loved playing the Legend of Zelda games. I've played and beaten it for the Super Nintendo. I love ZELDA GAMES! They're fun to play when you have some extra time in the summer. It's a lot better than staring at the wall all day!
Right now, just WoW, really. I am sitting here waiting for Hero's Journey to come out, at which point, i will most likely cancel my WoW account. When I get bored, I tend to open up my Rise of Nations or Command and Conquer Generals: Zero hour. Other than that, it's WoW and the Game of life. i.e. payin da bills.
And yet another topic for "what are you playing now", anyway I'll finally get some +points ;]

I'm now playing:
From multiplayer games:
1. World of Warcraft
2. Counter Strike-Source
and Single-player for fun:
3. Godfather
4. Flatout 2
5. Gothic 3

Well we'll cya again in a month or so, when there will be next topic about, what are you playing now Razz Twisted Evil
for me its RFACTOR

definatley because this is the game ii bought other wise use to download........

and this offers a great f1 experince.....

well others games are FIFA 08 but not online becasuei dont have the oriognial game...i just downloaded it
And CS!
Mass Effect; playing it for 3 days or something, it's so huge and nice! Very Happy
Oblivion; played it from the beginning and will play it to the next Elder Scroll.
Halo 3; one of the best shooters, it's always fun with friends doing forge or some random game types.
Gears of War; also one of the best shooters, always fun. I hate the lag though.
Skate.; best skate game, always fun to freeskate . Very Happy
Hexix HD & 2; always fun to do some thinking in between of all the shooting. Razz
Ragnarok Online - Yeah, it's getting old
Rising Force Online - Crappy, but why did lots of peoples play it?
Orange Box - I'm lost _
Final Fantasy XII
Kings of Chaos
Company of Heroes Awesome RTS. Very cool AI, your squad react and find cover extremely well. Its a very fluid game. When you order a squad of riflemen to throw a grenade at a building full of Nazis, you see them throw it in a window, and that window blow up, with the guy on the other side going with it.
Red Orchestra Awesomely realistic WWII online FPS, after of which you'll feel physically sick to play Medal of Honour. One shot and your dead, same goes for the other 25 guys on your team Wink
Zelda ...meh, mii like the wii.
I just finished bioshock and super mario galaxy. Didn't like mario galaxy and absolutely loved bioshock. I'm deep into wild arms 5 and don't really wanna finish it now.
The games that I'm currently playing sometimes (when I've got absolutely nothing to do) is:
Super Mario Galaxy
Yoshi's Story
Mario Kart 64

Older games are much better than newer ones. The new ones never have any gameplay.
Call of Duty 4, PES 08 and WWE smackdown 2007 and in a few months GTA IV Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy
Eh these days im playing:
1) Call of Duty 2
2) Call of Duty 4
3) Scrapland
4) World of Warcraft
5) Caesar IV
6) America ( that old 2001 game )
7) Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

All on PC. I don't own any console.
I play a game of Tremulous every now and then, sometimes just to make someone else play on my server.
I'm most busy with Super Mario Galaxy, I bought it just two days ago and it's really addicting. Also, I play some Super Mario Bros. 3 and Sonic 2 on the Virtual Console.

I thought I would be playing Team Fortress 2 more, I've just played it a total of less than 3 hours since I got it - more than a month ago, but the fact that my FPS drops below 5 if I play against more than 4 other people is slightly annoying. Plus it takes a while to start up, unlike Tremulous and all games on my Wii.
I just started playing FFXII again after losing my memory card. To tell you the truth, I'm not too happy with playing this game over and getting all the secrets over again, but hey, that's replayability I guess: you find more secrets the more you play it. I'm gonna try to not open ANY treasure chests this time.
I play a lot of indie games right now. (Has been suck to the indie gaming world)

Art of Theft
- an exciting theft game made in AGS

- a really cool remake of knots in 3d

Cave Story
- i love pixel

- coolest shmup I've ever played

Frets on Fire
- cos I'm cheap

- awesome wacking game made with hge

Last Scenario
- a rpg maker game with a really good story

Mondo Agency
- freakingly scary

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicals is the best game ever made. By far the funnest resident evil ever. And it is an amazingly simple shooting game that never gets old. I love Zombie killing, and resident evil has these in spades. I really fell in love with the amount of dying going on in the funnest resident evil series game in a while.
Grant Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade

Peggle Extreme

First-person Shooter (FPS)
Team Fortress 2

Real-time Strategy (RTS)
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

Role-playing Game (RPG)
Final Fantasy VII

Turn-based Strategy (TBS)
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of Lions
Medieval II: Total War
During this Winter break (from most frequent to least):

1. Warcraft III (Recently discovered the wonders of DotA and ladder)
2. Gunz: The Duel (Free Korean online rpg/fps. I've been playing it for 3 years now)
3. Melty Blood (Competitive 2D fighting game and the only one I'm decent at)
4. Starcraft (Gotta get ready for SC2 Razz)

smartled wrote:
i am playing china based game, it is Pop kart. very exciting and interesting game.

Haha, my roommate plays that. It looks like it's for kids but I heard it's one of the most popular online games there.
NBA 2k8 (PS2)
Madden 08 (PSP)
Age of Empires III (PC)
Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories (PSP)
Sim City 3000 (PC)
Canis Canem Edit (aka Bully) (PS2)
I'm going back to the classics. I'm mainly playing Starcraftx, Diablo IIx, and Warcraft IIIx. Along with some Melty Blood on the side...
Old scool mu online pv server.

And ofcourse, Americas army,

Playing this game for about 5 years now, and a lot to come.

World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 4 and WC3
I'm not a big game player to be honest. The only games I generally play are Football Manager (I have the 2006 version), and World Championship Snooker (2005 version).

I also play a few online games from time to time such as Blast Billiards and Lightening Break/Pool
Runescape- Never stopped playing its got something alot of other games don't ... Its pritty damn fun to play i dont very much care what people have to say about it.-2001-2008
Half Life 2 Death Match- Getting back into it
Socom2- Fav online PS2 game was one of the best... Lotta fun on this one played many hours lol
Counter Strike Source- Sick game starting to play it again
World Of WarCraft- Such a big game dont even know were to begin..
Darkeden- Pritty sick game if it wasent for those SH
SHattered Galaxy- Amazing game very original love this game
Bioshock- i started.but i didnt like it.
Tom Clancy's rainbow six Vegas- it is very nice.
Crysis- The best one:)
Tomb Raider Anniversary - the best serie game.
Super Mario Galaxy. that is the only one I am playing right now. I have other Wii games (some of which I didn't try yet), but for some reason SMG is the one I want to play. Hella fun.
I'm currently playing

Civilisation IV - so addictive, I have to stop!

and Half Life 2, episode 2 - which is great to look at and one of the best of the series.
I am dedicating my gaming life to two games...

First and foremost it is Championship Manager 01-02 I play. Real Madrid is my team of choice of course, and currently I am on year 2017 which is very exciting since not a lot of players from today are around. So it is lots of fresh faces sort to say.

The other game is one of the follow ups to previous named game, Football Manager 2008. I am crazy about the details in this game. If you compare it to CM 01-02 it is like a bible with different things you can adjust, say to players and whatnots.

The first game is more about the feeling, and mostly also because I have played with one savegame for such a long time so I suppose that is why I keep on playing it. I highly doubt I would start a new game today...

SI Games rules!
The games i am playing right now are Oblivion and FIFA 08, i never actually played Oblivion, but now i started a couple of days ago again its a nice game, so i continue playing it along with ofcourse FIFA 08, good game, almost can't stop playing that game online.
Hellgate: London - A very good mix of mmo + fps. Lots of action and made by some of the guys that made diablo 2.
Hellgate london
Devil may cry 4 (fabulous)
Thief-Deadly Shadows
Medal Of Honour-airbourne
dark messiah of Might and magic
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Super Mario Galaxy, Kingdom Hearts II...

And of course I'm always playing Simcity 4 and Civilization 4. Very Happy
i'm getting into animal crossing: wild world again for some odd reason. spent like and hour picking all the weeds,and then i've been playing for a couple o weeks. i'm trying to get the biggest house possible at the moment.

other than that, i'm kinda going into a gaming hybernation-like state until ssbb comes out. (i swear, every dang day goes by slower than the last.)
Playing mainly Call of Duty (to try and get my online rating up) and Ghost Recon (online) whenever I am feeling confident. Finished COD in bout 6 hours and nearly finished Ghost Recon (I think ??)

Excellent games - would recommend to anybody
Now I play:
SRS - Street Racing Syndicate(very nice game, very similar to NFS)
GTA: SA, yeah I love this game
WarRock- very cool mmofps Smile
I've been toying a bit around with Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas lately, playing the game at random times for several minutes in order to reach 100% completion. It'll take quite a while before I actually have more time than 10 minutes to dedicate to other things than school right now. =(
Team Fortress 2 and Metal Gear Solid

Planning on working through the MG series again.
I've been playing a lot of FPS these days. I'm even saving up for a new video card so I can play Crysis and medium-high settings and be able to run Assassins Creed when it comes out in March.
My top games that I am playing right now are:

World of Warcraft (I play this way more than I wish I did)
Guild Wars (Great game to PVP and I enjoy redoing missions.
Half Life 2 Episode 2 (This is my favorite shooter so far)
Oblivion (This is a game I just got but I am loving so far)
Starcraft (This is one of my favorite games)

I play almost every gene Smile
i'm playing Dance Mela and Unreal Tournament 3.

Havu ever tried the Dance Mela.

I think you will enjoy it.

Hope we will meet at Dance Mela.
Right now i'm playing a really old game >> Arcanum... but i think it is a masterpiece Smile. You can pick a character and choose how do you want to evolve... into a magician or into a technical char. If you are at the begging you may want to choose to be a magician.

Anyway... the complexity of the game is amazing .. you can do almost anything... you can even kill the owner of a shop and use his storage room to deposit all your things... or... a more interesting approach is to become real good at opening stuff. If something is looked ... probably something important is well kept Smile. So... imagine that you can open the storage room of a big shop owner. You will find there items and money... and if you are really good at stealing you can steal money from a seller and than buy with his own money the item you want Smile. (yeah... i like to be bad Razz).

Try it... it will keep you hours in front of your monitor. Here is a link were you can see a technical char in action >>
Nowadays I am playing CSS with my friends on college Lan.Man my nick name is Deadman.
I like css very much and all FPS games.I play the nyarena and dedust maps very much. Cool
Super Mario Galaxy: I'm in the progress of completing the game a second time for those who know the secret.

Sonic and the Secret Rings: This game is just so fun that I like playing it again alot.

Mario Party DS: I like playing it on trips when I'm bored.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity: Still buying all those gears.
Im playing some games now

Call of Duty4
Enemy Terretory Quake Wars
World Of Warcraft
right now, i'm playing with this physics program/toy like thing called phun (search for it) to help tide me over for the last 9 or so days until brawl.

it's this cool program where you can make boxes and circels, or draw your own unieqly shaped obects with a draw tool, they will then react to gravity and eachother. you can fixate stuff so they will not move, or you can put two obect on a hinge so they stay together on a point, you can then turn the moter on in the hinge, and make cars, machines, and stuff like that with it. you can also turn objects into water, use springs, and some other stuff i forgot. it's not realy a game, but more like a toy you can screw aound with for a few hours.
I used to play saints row alot, on 360 but i finished it millions of times. so now i just play smackown vs raw 2008 on xbxo360, im just waiting for gta4, i suppose we all are waiting for gta4 though Wink
Let's see...

On muh 360:
Halo 3 - I have all the achievements, and I'm a colonel, but my friends still wanna play with me. Stupid friends.
The Orange Box - All the Half-Life 2 games are awesome, and so is Portal, but what really keeps me playing is Team Fortess 2. Come near me, and my Demoman will blow the crap out of you five ways til sunday. They're gonna have to glue you back together in hell!
Sonic 2 - I finally beat it. I finally f*ckin' beat the Death Egg. That was fun.
Rez HD - Pure win.
Street Fighter 2 - I suck at this game. )=
N+ - It's pretty fun. I need to spend more time on it, though.
Aegis Wing - It was free, why not?

Legaia 2: Duel Saga - I went back to play this again. Once you get past the terrible graphics, this is the JRPG at it's best.
Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 - The new games don't even compare!

Pokemon Diamond - I don't even know why. It's just plain fun, really.
On the 360 I played through Army of TWO with a couple of friends of mine and I loved every minute of it. But sadly the game is relatively short and kinda buggy (but the awesome gameplay make up for it though). I hear Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is pretty awesome, thats the next 360 fps game i'll check out.

I've been playing a lot of PSP games recently though, Patapon was first and that was probably one of the most original tempo games in awhile. Then God of War chains of olympus came out and that was pretty short (5 hours or less) which i beat over the span of a couple days. Now i'm playing final fantasy crisis core which is a much heftier game and i've already played a solid amount of hours.

Looking forward to: GTA4, Ninja Gaiden 2
Gun by activision, it is like GTA, u get missions etc. but only thing being, u are a cowboy Razz
I'm currently playing:
Need for speed: Most Wanted - I'm at 29% completed.
Ikariam - very nice online game. It's a strategy/economy game where you must rule an island kingdom in a world full of other players.
World of Warcraft - Just started a new character and I'm playing with new friends.

Hope I'll have time this weekend to play:
Tremulous and Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising.

I'm currently playing:
WC3: tft, mostly DotA, a custom made map. Yeah, you prolly heard about it Smile.
Some Team Fortress 2, easily one of the best and funniest FPS-games out there today.

Eagerly waiting for Warhammer Online and Starcraft 2.. *drool*..
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