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StarCraft II

I wonder when SCII will publish. I watch trailer video and i feel exciting with SCII. They say that Blizzards will publish it in 2008. But Blizzards doesn't tell anything. What do they want? Maybe they want to hide it to make some curious faces like
Blizzard say that they will take the time they need. In this way they can't be to late. Very Happy They know that they have to make it perfect to make it better than the orginal game.

I think it comes in the end of 2008 but it's only a guess.
Patriot Players
Let it go as long as it has to. When it comes out it will be awesome, until then there are plenty of other awesome games to play.
If the great game play for the first Starcraft, then Starcraft II will blow every other game (I believe WoW as well) out of the water.

I am so excited for this new game, but I doubt my computer will run it properly. I know I will be upgrading for this game!
I love how it looks as if it has the old Starcraft feel, just modernized. It looks great, can't wait.
I just love the fact that they arent rushing it which proves a bit that they are more concerned about the gameplay and the users than they are about profits and just rushing it off to be released. When it comes out it should be a joy to play, really anticipating its release =)
I think every original starcraft player is excited about this sequel and is anxious to try it out. I think that Blizzard would be incredibly foolish to rush a game that took them so long to make a sequel to. If you could wait over 9 years after the first was released, I'm sure you can wait a single year longer for them to make a game that can match or surpass the original.
I think this game will be popular by the very virtue of the original. Because based on what I've seen in the gameplay videos, I think Starcraft II could possibly somewhat lack the fast-paced play and action that the first one offered (though, keep in mind, I don't doubt that Starcraft II will nevertheless be an excellent game).

Because in the original Starcraft, the gameplay focused heavily on builds and counterbuilds. Whereas in Warcraft III, the gameplay slowed down partially because more specific unit type counters were introduced (i.e. armour types). Now in Starcraft II, it seems that even more specific unit counters will be used. So while this may offer more interesting gameplay and depth, i think that it will also not have the feel of the original that I love.
To many good things to say about the first. I have always understood Blizzards undying need to produce greatness. Every game made by blizzard has been a golden experiance in my gaming life. And Starcraft II will be another gorgeous experience, to say the least. The first was an incredible balancing act of pure fun. Part II has very big shoes to fill, that is all I can say, so I do not expect to see it any time soon.
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