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hei. guys i have banned from board without tellong any reason. and i also wasnt able to check forum. can i know the reason.
my name was assee in forums.
you know the reason. You have replied to the warnings and after 2 warnings you got a ban. You also got your points reset from -80 to 0 twice.
Just to make things clear.

Not only have you (repeatedly and knowingly) broken the forums's rules. You also broke our ToS when it came to your hosting account.

The sum of all of the above forced us to take a decision and that was to ban your account and terminate hosting.
i didnt get that. u telling me abt my sinature .

First i got a message from ANIMAL that remove your signature because its illegal (the reason was some songs are copyrighted). i removed that signature and also deleted those songs. and then after 15 days when i deleted those songs i put again my site name as signature. ANIMAL didnt mention in his message never put the sites name in signature again so i after deleting songs again put my sites name in my signature .

then again i got message of removing sigs . when i recived the message i deleed my signature and replied i have done this.

this time that was mentioned in the message dont put it again. so i didnt put the signature again.

i dont think if thats the reason of banning all of a sudden . u should tell me or warn me before banning me. and i did nothing with my hosting account, i was makin a web director and putted google adds in my site . is that illgal?

can u plz tell me what i did wrong ?
You also got your points reset from -80 to 0 twice.

was it my fault? i requested to the moderators and bonding himself did this.and not twice it happened only once. and after that my points never crossed -5. it happened only when i was out of town.

man i replied to the warning because there was a message in warning "" reply when u delete the signature " so i did this.

and i had only one site in my signature . ------link removed by rvec----- ... which is web directory. nothing illegal in it.

plz reconsider if u can.
I removed the link because on that site there is also a link to an mp3 site which also was in your signature. This second site had mp3 files on it, and I doubt you have a license to distribute all of them. This was also the reason you got banned. And the links to this site where also on your hosting account.
i didnt know this. if there is a link on other site then u also cant put it as signature.

i thought i recieved a mp3 site warning.

u can check record . i deleted by myself.

and i didnt get any visitor from frihost by putting that signature.

please re consider my banning and unban me please. as i sincerely telling u i didnt know all this.

thanks . i will accept whatever u will decide . but i will say, think about it/
the link to the mp3 site was in your sig first. Then you removed it and after some time it was back. You got another warning and deleted it and then you made the directory site with a link to the mp3 site on it. This made the staff ban you.
the link was in directory from at the start. neways .

i apeal to staff plz recondier my banning.

thanks. in both ways.
assee, what you call a directory listing was in fact a listing of mp3 songs available for download (from 3 or 4 illegal sites, including the one you were using in your sig).

It's been stated on the ToS from the beginning that "Hosting, linking and content related to warez, mp3's and all other illegal files" (rule c5) is "strictly not allowed"

The fact that the link was in the directory from the start doesn't make the situation lighter (on the contrary).

I will discuss your situation with the remaining staff members to see what can be done.

Be Well Cool
still waiting.
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