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J2EE , PHP , Python and Web development. Does it have scope?

Hi guys
I am a J2EE programmer on is records for my company but I have worked ore extensively on PHP Python and Ruby on Rails. I have also worked little on J2EE and received training in that as well.

I was advised that I should concentrate only on J2EE by my friends because they think PHP/Python/RoR doesn't have much scope and will reduce the impression of my resume.

Can I continue to develop expertise in all these languages? I think I have sufficient talent for that Or shud I stick to only one of these?

Does career in just J2EE will fetch me more money than in PHP or Python or RoR?

Your views will be appreciated

this is a good tutor for PHP begginers
I am a websphere administrator looking for a job in Tampa, and one thing i can say about your question is that experience is everything. if you have done it, put it on the resume. programming /scripting languages all feed off each other. put them all down. just an opinion though.
I think PHP is value to learn and aid for you
Well Finally i chose to be an J2EE developer but currently on PHP and RoR project Smile
I've heard Google engineer used Python most often, lol

if you want to apply a job in Google, just keep it at the first place of your skill list.
Limitations in the language of the program, the kind of language used in any place, no limitations are the same language can be used in different industries, different places, mainly to see what you are doing.
bad advice,

focus on JEE, but don't leave other languages (whichever they might be) out of your learning schedule, once you learned a language becomes trivial to learn another and any real programmer will know at least 2 or 3 Programming languages...

my tip is learn ruby and then a bit of ror, ruby is conceptually diferent then most languages and is awesome even if you never use it
I gonna start working with php. i'm still learning all the basics. That's the main reason why I have a free webhost just so it can read php. I think that php is a very good language but I'm only a beginner and don't know the other ones good.
same.. i'm starting with php mostly because i'm trying to host a free website for my eve corporation. thanks for the link! any little bit of information helps.
well the time stamos of the post suggest the turn around for the choice of coding languages considering one's carrer.
Answering thw question for 2013 ans for next 2-3 years php ruby are going to be hot favourite as they were in past but also others are not at all going to loose their charm, instead will be forging out the pathways for even better and advanced languages to code in.
Very Happy
I think that J2EE is not so good as PHP and Python
learn php. As a matter of fact PHP is used by many websites (80% of the sites on the world wide web(!)) Feed it a little JQuery (considering that you know html/css and javascript) and you are set to go.
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