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Upgrading Free Hosting Plans

This might have been mentioned somewhere else but i couldn't find it laying about, I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of payment system setup to where users with a free account can upgrade their accounts if needed. What if you need an extra 100 megs of space or something of that sort you could simply upgrade for a set price per month or whatnot and there you go or something of that sort. I have seen another free host thats very similar to this one and they had a very nice system setup just like that in which LOTS of people took advantage of thus helping with the expenses of the running this service. Also there should be a donation system setup through paypal or something of that sort to where loyal members who would like to help contribute can donate to help the further expansion as well as keeping Frihost alive. I know i for one would love to give something back for this service!

On a lighter note i noticed on the /guide.php page under the "meet the requirements" section it still says
You will get Points for every post you make, ranging from 1 to 4, depending on the length of your post.
And i believe you said you guys upped it to 5 points max now just thought i would let you know Wink
You didn't search very hard.

I believe that this is going to be a future feature
(When frihost is bought out by a parent corparation in 3030)
garionw wrote:
You didn't search very hard.

I believe that this is going to be a future feature
(When frihost is bought out by a parent corparation in 3030)

Yea there are plenty of posts talking about upgrading plans for Frih$ but im referring to REAL MONEY! so yea i did search pretty hard! tell me exactly which post in that link you provided talks about what i was referring to??
well then, there might not be anything but you didn't make it very clear - I thought you were talking about $FRIH Embarassed

But this was also suggested a long long time ago - and it was a no because of tax reasons (I think)
things not to suggest:
14) Paid Hosting

and after using the search function you might've found this:
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