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Slot Car Racing

You dont see slot cars much anymore and most people i have asked about them rarely even know what im talking about other then the little car tracks you purchase for your kids and whatnot. Im talking BIG slot cars the ones you use to build up and take down to your local slot car track to race which the tracks were usually huge and allowed around 15 cars sometimes more sometimes less to race at the same time. You don't ever see them anymore, all the tracks that were local are now closed down and i cant for the life of me find anywhere to race anymore i have around 20 cars built up and i would love to take my children sometime so that they can have the opportunity to experience this as well. If anyone knows anywhere that you can race slot cars around the Indiana area please let me know!
Never heard of the big set of slot cars, but I do have a small set i have had since i was about 8 and still today i play with it. One of the more amusing things in life is slot car racing competitions. About 2 years ago and still today my friends and I get together and have competitions. I know this is made for kids but slot cars are amazing still today!!!! Laughing
try eBay, they always have something lol. in Toronto, ONT Canada. i could've bought a nice theater for 750 000 CDN... eBay has it all! Wink
Everyone in their life has always enjoyed slot car racing.I too,I remember that time 10 years back there was an offer on health drink pack.They used to give 3 cars free on 1 kg pack.I still remember ,we all friends had brought that and use to have racing.We use to enjoy it lot.
I still see some of my cars in showcase.I remember those days of racing.Now i m adult i cant play Laughing .It will not look nice,Now we all see real racings.
My uncle has a bunch of slot cars in his basement. I heard there used to be stores you could go to where you'd race your slot cars on their huge tracks. I don't own any myself, but they seem sorta fun. Problem is, I've got a ton of other collections taking up all my storage areas...
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