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Another Halo... person

Yeah I like Halo 2. And so does everyone else.
Yeah halo 2 is fun i played it in mammoth with my family and we played it all day haha..... ah what a waste of snow. haha
Halo 1, Halo 2, and Halo 3 are like different games, but I think I like halo 2 the best.
im currently playen halo 2 on pc but its not well compatible with my mouse it just skips some frames
+ graphics are horrible
what i like of the game is the story
i really want to finish the saga
but i dont want to buy a ps3 or an xbox for just a game
I've got halo 1 and halo 2 on xbox

I prefer Halo 2

better graphics

more maps
jtayl153 wrote:
I've got halo 1 and halo 2 on xbox

I prefer Halo 2

better graphics

more maps

on the pc graphics on halo 1 are are much better for me
ammasingly better i have to say
Halo 2 for the win i say i hated halo 1 well the multiplayer at least, but halo 2 has a awsome multiplayer mode. now all i need is a 360 to be able to judge halo 3
Halo 1 was honestly the best. All it needed was something besides Xbox connect, and it would have been an even bigger multiplayer juggernaut than it was. Halo 2 is second. It was great, and lasted weeks of fun, but if you had no XBL, it would have nothing. Halo 3 is just bad for modern-day... It is an over-polished piece of junk. The physics are horrid. It's just not good. They tried to make up for the pitiful gameplay with Forge & Saved Films, but I don't think it's worked. Forge is only fun for people who really want to be creative, and Saved films is for arrogant nerds and Machinima. As a game alone, it is worst of all 3.
i just started modding halo 2 on my Xbox original. It's pretty awesome. Expanding my gaming horizons. haha
why does no one love halo 3? I was never a huge fan of halo, but i enjoyed playing its multiplayer. When playing a lan game halo 3 is pretty awesome, they seemed to have made it a faster paced game, and that makes things more exciting from my point of view.
because most of us can't afford a 360 yet. I've played it at LAN parties a few times. but since I don't own it I'm not used to the maps or the game play.

I'm working on completely redesigning the maps and game play of Halo2 though... I'll give my buddies somethin new to figure out. haha.
dude, how can you not afford the 360 becuase I mean it's 250 US dollars and it has 60g's of memory

Halo 1 costs now 25 bucks US dollars

Halo 2 costs now 45 bucks Us dollars

Halo 3 costs now 65 dollars but wait another month and it will be 45 Us Dollars
I've just lost the sprite for gaming =\ I'm more keen to saving money than spending it on video games. One day though. When I'm out of collage, have more time and there's an Xbox 362. More or less when I have enough money to be IN college, then complete it. haha.
I thought the single player was best in Halo: Combat Evolved
It seemed to me that the last level of Halo 3 (the vehicle part) was just a rip off of the last Halo: Combat Evolved except it was lacking a certain something that was present in CE.

Multiplayer - its a toss up between 2 and 3..... 2 was good, but I think 3 is better. Though there are definately some issues. The maps on 2 are better overall though.
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