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Steven Seagal vs Chuck Norris

The definitive question...

steven gets my vote for sure!
They're both definitely showing their age, though Norris is showing much less than Seagal, if only for the fact he's had that same beard for 30-40 years.

As for notoriety, though Seagal is still doing the occasional movie, at a healthy rate actually, all of his films are straight to DVD releases.

Chuck Norris was lucky enough to get those outlandishly tall tale-esque websites going about him, which has sort of kicked his career back into gear. He had an updated Walker Texas Ranger movie a couple years ago, he's become kind of a cult following, showing up in odd commercials, seemingly out of place.

As for a straight out fight... Today and even back then, I think Chuck Norris would win. He 'fought' with Bruce Lee for a while, about the time they starred together in Enter the Dragon.
The Chuck would probably win. I'd say he was far smarter than S.S - and, certainately today, is in much better shape.

Of course, Steven could use his guitar to injure Norris...
I think Seagal for sure... In aikido they actually do train finishing blows, and not sparring. The point is to disable in the fewest moves possible.
Tim Graham
Well it's Chuck's dodgy moustache against Seagal's receding hairline (although that can be fixed with some creative lighting).

I reckon a dead heat.
bare in mind the following...

Steven Seagal and his wife were preparing dinner when the family dog suddenly ran in the room, picked up the roast chicken, dashed outside & preceded to eat it all.

While his wife went mad screaming and crying, Steven simply got up calmly from the table and went out to confront the dog. After a few seconds of noises the dog returned and threw up the now perfectly cooked roast along with a bowl of gravy, stuffing & all the trimmings.

Astounded, his wife asked how on earth he had managed to get the dog to do that...?

Steven looked her dead in the eyes... and then roundhouse kicked her in the head.

With his wife on the floor, he was heard to remark "don't ever doubt Steven Seagal!!!"
uuummm wow... <insert random Chuck fact>

I'll go with the non-wife beater, Chuck Norris.
hmm it would be a close fight I think.. but I think I would give the edge to Steven.. he looks slightly tougher lol
I'd say Chuck Norris. But it would be a though battle.
Back in their Primes I would say Seagal might have had a chance, but I still give it to Chuck. If you are talking about now. Have you seen Seagals latest movies? They are laughable at best. The guy is so fat they put him in oversized clothes and light him from the neck up to hide his blubber. Norris is older but He looks fit and doesn't look like he would lose his breath lifting an arm.

And Dude, didn't you know when Chuck Norris does a push up, he isn't pushing himself up. He is pushing the earth Down. There is no way Seagal can compete with that.
Chuck norris is the king. But a better question would be: What would happen if both together would fight bruce lee? I can tell you what would happen: Bruce Lee would destroy both of them.
Chuck Norris was a cherif and would call for enfocements, Segal normaly by himself.

Segal the winner and better fighter !
Twisted Evil
Throwing Bruce Lee into the mix makes my original question even more difficult to answer!!!

I'm thinking Brucie might just snatch this one !
Well, Seagal can kill Chuck with his mumbo jumbo "enlighting" speeches and Chuck can kill an entire army squad with just his beard and smile.....

He has more tricks up his sleeves

What about Seagal and Mr T?
First, Steven Segal would start the fight with predictably flashy yet poorly acted fighting moves. Then, Chuck Norris would remind him that he trained with Bruce Lee and Steven would quickly purchase a total home gym (TM) and they would train together with infrequent breaks to look back nostalgically on how great both of their careers were 20 years ago.
Seagal is King of straight to DVD releases!
I love him!
Fake wrote:

He has more tricks up his sleeves

What about Seagal and Mr T?

All the seagull would have to do is grab one of 20,000 neclaces on offer from behind and mr t's choked!
Well, let's just say that Bruce Lee would have beaten them both if he was still alive. Very Happy
I would go for Steven Seagal, I've watched some of his movies and I thnk some of his moves are lethal, bu then again lets not under estimate good old Chuck, he might have a few new moves these days.
Chuck all the way. Did Seagal ever do any real fighting other than the movies? Just asking cause I don'tknow
Watch Under Siege, and you'll already know who's the best. Steve killed it.
They both would get the world destroyed, since there's no winner on this fight.
ExecuKev wrote:
The definitive question...


norris in 20 seconds

"From 1964 to 1968, Chuck won many State, National, and International amateur karate titles. In 1968, Chuck fought and won the World Professional MiddleWeight Karate championships
Chuck Norris was the first man ever in the Western Hemisphere to be awarded an 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master recognition in the Tae Kwon Do

My bets are on chuck
I mean Steven Seagal plays jazz in a band...
Love this topic

ExecuKev wrote:

norris in 20 seconds
My bets are on chuck
I mean Steven Seagal plays jazz in a band...

hahahaha, well explained!
i'm for steven.
I like both actors, however Steven Seagal is my favourite. He has a certain amount of intensity, as well as creativity with a touch of spirituality that goes beyond Chuck Norris's capabilities. Think Chuck Norris is mostly physical. Steven Seagal is more subtle with a certain amount of spiritual in his martial arts. He also brings this into his movies as well. I have most of his movies in DVD and watch them over and over again. He may be aging, but I love his style. Tonight I watched his movie of 2005, "Today You Die". I also had a look at the section about how the movie was made and comments by the makers and actors of the movie. Think what I also like about Steven Seagal's movies is the music. Quality is far superior to any of the Chuck Norris movies. Think Steven Seagal has an input into that too, in fact he has studied with great intensity every aspect of movie making. Lots of substance there.

OK now for the question, who will win a fight between the two of them. My money is on Steven.
Last night I specially looked at one movie each of Steven Seagal (Fire Down Below) and Chuck Norris (Hell Bound). I like both of them. I still think Steven Seagal's movies have greater depth as they are an art form from beginning to end. For example the setting of Fire Down Below (1997) was a small town in Kentucky and the music was awesome, right down to getting the characters to contribute music. You can feel spirit right through the movie. I remember in one of those special add-ins to Home Videos where actors comment, that one actor commented that Steven has this knack for people to improvise on their lines in a team work scenario. They know basically what to say, but they take their cues off one another, which makes for realistic scenes. I also relate to Steven Seagal always looking after the underdog, the loners and downtrodden. One thing that he does not have though and that Chuck Norris has is a wonderful deep voice. Wow, does Chuck Norris have a voice. Chuck Norris shows are also great, move fast, have a nice wry humour to it, but Steven Seagal shows are more perfect in the detail.

OK ... I tried to match them then fighting one another. Chuck is really short, Steven gigantic in comparison. Will be interesting to have them together in a movie, preferably both as the good guys working as one team, but if matched competitively Steven Seagal would get a good run for his money. Chuck would give him a good fight. He may be short, but he is agile and a fast mover. Super fit!
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Steven Seagal is a specialist in Aikido martial arts. Apparently there are different versions and the real McCoy is the one from Japan as at the Website below:

At the most basic viz a viz Seagal and Norris, the Aikido style focusses on disarming your opponent rather than using brute force. If you have a look at his movies you can see it demonstrated. Also in the Website above.

As far as I know even with age, Seagal still practices Aikido according to traditional Japanese style. Possibly Norris is also as fit as before. Norris has developed his own Karate Style - Chun Kuk Do - refer Website below:

Think I would still put my money on Seagal Smile
Chuck Norris.

Have you read the factual websites about him???
gcaughill wrote:
Chuck Norris.

Have you read the factual websites about him???

Why Chuck Norris? Can you give more info why you think he would beat Steven Seagal? And name the factual Websites as I would be most interested to read. I happen to like Chuck Norris too, so am always open for new information. Smile
Free bump for this topic

Found this topic through google when i was doing "Steven Seagal vs" query

Chuck fought Bruce Lee. Based on that fact alone, he'll beat the crap out of segal.
This can't be a serious debate......Chuck norris is the only westerner to receive his 8th degree black belt grand master recognition in tae kwon do. This is a first in 4,500 years.
Chuck Norris was the first man ever to win the world professional Karate championship. Chuck Norris retired from competition with a record of 183-10-2. Still one of the best if not the best professional record ever.
Steven seagal can barely lift his leg without splitting his pants out. Yes i believe seagal has some martial arts training, but he has never tested his art. He has never fought anyone. Any competitor in any sport can tell you that means you are probably a not very good. The reason for training in anything is to test yourself, and compete against the best in whatever you spend your life perfecting.
Seagal does have a cool ponytail, but that ponytail has no special butt kicking powers. Even with the huge age difference, Chuck would ruin seagals day, it wouldn't be a fight................Sad
I think Chuck Norris is better as you say. And Seagal has done too many boring movy even if some of them are not really bad.
Probably Chuck Norris at least that is my opinion XD GO CHUCK!
Steven Seagal would definatley kick chuck norris' ass. Steven is currently working as a police in saint ann parish louisiana and he still is practicing akido today. he is definatley more active than chuck norris
chuck norris no doubt... i
LOL at this thread. Two cheesy has-beens who make rubbish movies.
Seagal would destroy Norris and his hillbilly beard. Someone said something about norris being the only westerner to get an 8th degree black belt taekwondo. Seagal is a 9th dan and the only westerner to have an Aikido dojo in Japan. He is the real deal. Chuck Norris is good (and yes I know the whole Bruce Lee thing) but he is so robotic. Seagal is fluid and smoth. I think he's even more dangerous with all the new weight cause he can use it to his advantage. All kidding aside Seagal takes this one without breaking a sweat.
Chuck Norris. He was a karate champion for several years before becoming an actor.
mgeek wrote:
Chuck Norris. He was a karate champion for several years before becoming an actor.
Right, and Steven Seagal also claims some special qualifications from Japan. I'd put my money on Chuck Norris though. I'd be inclined to think that Steven Seagal would tend to embellish his credentials.
Very interesting question.
It is really hard to tell, but I would say Steven Seagal from what I have seen.
Ha ha.

stephen of course!
I like the style of Seagal's heros in the movies where they get to break bones. I'm not a violent person, but he does do those movies well. Perhaps better than Chuck Norris because as an actor he has height and physique to his advantage.
only chuck can beat herself
seagal..i barely see him got even a scratch when fighting...
^ That might be since he has his stunt double perform all the fighting, jumping and running (and even some of the walking, cause Seagal's too lazy to do that nowadays). Laughing
People have so much fun about them. Smile Actually I enjoy online one film with Chuck - the one where here played a kind of man who could turn himself into wild animals...don't remember it's name.
Norris vs Segal would make a good pay-per-view. Segal has a flair for dramatics. But, Norris has a lot more full speed contact experience. Segal would be at a disadvantage without choreography. Norris's instincts and lightning fast reactions would end the fight before Segal could do anything about it.

Norris would do a Billy Jack on Segal and there wouldn't be a thing he do about it.
Good one ..... looks as though both have some competition coming their way?
Chuck Norris incomparably!!!!

The Origin of Chuck Norris

An ancient Chinese legend said that in one night of the lunar eclipse a child born of a dragon egg, would feed the sacred flame and defeat all the evil in the world. Chuck Norris is not this man because he killed this man, and break killed the dragon. Studies show that there is no way to define the origin of Chuck Norris. The possibility is possible that Chuck Norris has given a Roundhouse Kick in yourself doing it back in time, so he had sex with a woman who gave birth to Chuck Norris. Yes friends, Chuck Norris is his own son and he is his father and his mother's lover.

Never heard of being above that tried to write about the origin of Chuck... ehehehehe
I definitely enjoyed Steven Seagal's movies better than Chuck's. And Seagal's action scenes are some of the most brutal I've seen in their day. I loved them.

I suspect all votes going to Chuck Norris are from people riding the popular 'Chuck Norris is God' bandwagon that seems to be really popular these days. Let's face it - Chuck Norris facts are fun and all, but it's really only because he looks too silly for an action star. If anything, the 'revival' of Chuck Norris is similar to Rick Astley's 'rickroll'.

Also, there's this: wrote:
Norris supports gun rights and ownership and is against public schools condoning homosexuality.[35]

On November 18, 2008, Norris became one of the first members of show business to express support for the California Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage, and he chided the gay community for "interfering" with the democratic process and the double standard he perceived in criticizing the LDS Church without criticizing African Americans, who had voted for the measure by a wide margin.[41]
chuck, of course...
Don't have any ideas...They will explore, maybe Smile
Chuck Norris No1.
Steven is more of the brains rather than the brawn. Chuck is the opposite.
So, I think Steven would win. Chuck can tire from his moves but Steven cannot tire from his strategies.

i think chuck is unbeatable
i think chuck is unbeatable
LegendVPN wrote:
Steven is more of the brains rather than the brawn. Chuck is the opposite.
So, I think Steven would win. Chuck can tire from his moves but Steven cannot tire from his strategies.

Think Steven would be most impressed with your point of view. And I agree with you. He must be very attached to his strategies.
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steven segal died in few movies, and chuch can not die... so, chuck is my choice )))
theres no competition here, obviouslly chuck norris would win. he has been the worlds biggest badass ever since godzilla died. this guy is the walker texas ranger. noone can stop him. think of all the facts that were written about this guy. he is a machine.
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