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what is your favourite board game?

Here normaly we speak about video games, but there are other kind of games, like board games. did you like them? what is your favourite board game?

My favourite are Go, Hex, Streetscoccer and Carcassonne.
I have two all time favorite boardgames. However, both take forever to play so I cannot find too many people willing to take the time to play them with me.

The first is Monopoly. I guess I just like having control of that much money. LOL

The second is Risk. I love the idea of being able to control the world. LOL.

The real reason that I love these games are that they require strategy to win. You cannot head straight in with of taking time to think. With Monopoly you have to decide whether to purchase something or not, or how to make a deceiving trade. With Risk you must determine how many countries you want to take over, and which ones. You must decide on which continent you want to rule first, etc etc.


Just remembered about another fantastic strategy game called Stratego!! Fantastic!
Playing chess is my favorite board game of all time. Learning how to manuver the pieces to gain access to the ultimate goal of checkmate is awesome. It's easy to give up on but it takes time to think about a beautiful game plan.
Dirty*, you are right! I completely forgot about chess. It is by far the most amazing game. I really really stink at it, but I still love to play it all of the time. I love when I play someone and I can checkmate them in three moves. B-E-A-U-tiful. LOL. Thanks for the reminder!!!

I love chess. It's pretty awesome. I think it's also the only board game I ever play anymore. I used to like Monopoly, but now I can see how it's boring due to the fact it can keep on going forever without anyone winning.
My favorite board games are monopoly and Checkers, Both of those games I can play for a while and not get bored. Most of these other board games hold my attention for about like five minutes.
Wow, I don't even consider chess a board game, it's just so out there, all high and mighty...kind of like go and the like. xD; but chess is a ton of fun, and takes forever to play if you overthink.

Other than chess, for my favorite board game, I'd go with sorry! just because I have many good memories of the game from my childhood. Smile
minty wrote:

The second is Risk. I love the idea of being able to control the world. LOL.

If you can't find too much people to play this game. May be you can play it online.
My favorite board game would definitely be the game of Life. Ever since I was a kid I'd play it with my sisters and mom and dad. It's just the fact that it's a long game but not too long and you learn some life lessons like the concept of insurance and how going to college can affect your career and life. I vote Life Very Happy
I really enjoy chess but I have to say that I LOVE many many games. It is so hard to choose a favorite. I love Monopoly, Clue, Stratego and many many more. But chess would be my favorite.
My favorite board game would definitely be monopely folowed by checkers and then chess.

and the best thing about monopely is that i have the game on my phone so I can play against my phone when I cant get anyone els to the real board game.

so i think I could realy say I am adictited to monopoly. Very Happy Very Happy Laughing Laughing
I really like monopoly and life.
monopoly is amongst the favorites
are card games considered as board games?
if they are my favorite would be CHEAT
its an ammasing card game that you have to cheat on your friends without beeing cought and finish without cards in your hand
Its a lot of fun playing it
I love Monopoly.Actually monopoly the simpsons version
Fake wrote:
I love Monopoly.Actually monopoly the simpsons version

i never tried that verion.
how does it work?
is it more fun ?
I used to be a big fan of Stratego. Cranium is cool too.
I'm personally a big fan of the Settlers of Catan series. Although I always seem to have a bad luck streak when playing it, I love how much tactics can be involved in a game that is still mostly built on random factors.

Furthermore, I love short card games like Machiavelli (does anyone else play that?) that offer a surprisiong amount of depth even though the rules are very simple.
Monopoly ftw and Settlers of Catan is also pretty good, it's really a deep game that last one but it also can take quite some time to play (and finish) the game Very Happy
Monopoly has to be the most annoying, but addicting game ever. It's easy to play, hard to win, and incredibly engaging. I remember almost punching my friend in the face because he was playing so miserly. You also learn business sense by playing, so there's a pro there.

Can't say I really count Chess as a board game. Or checkers for that matter. Sure, they're played on a board with pieces, but I think they have a category of their own. Like "Logic Game" or something like that. I guess it's like categorizing Classic Rock and Alternative Rock together. Not the same, but then again, similar.
Favourite Board Games

Trivial Pursuit
SCotland Yard (was my fav as a kid anyway)
THe game of life
Scene It
Monopoly, what more do I have to say.
My favourite would have to Monopoly.. I can remember lots of memories and time spent playing that with family at home and abroad. I can't see that game getting old as I would probably play it years down the line with my grandkids when i get some lol
Some board games are awesome. When I was younger i used to play them a lot, but now I'm just computer geek unfortunately.
I like Scrabble, Monopoly, Super Farmer(I'm not sure if this game was released in English speaking countries) and Guess Who. Och and Battleships;p Twister is also nice(it's not typical board game:-) and I love chess(but I haven't play for a while...)

Cheers Cool
My favourite board game is Kalah. It's an old classical Wink
Hi there,

I am a Board Game "lover" for some years now Razz All began when my sister and her husband introduced me to Settlers Of Catan. After that and endless rush to more and more Board Games started and will continue probably.

My favorite games are in majority Euro Games, such as Settlers Of Catan, Carcassonne, Entdecker, Thurn and Taxis, Alhambra, Tigris & Euphrates, Citadels...

However I also like some American games, specially from Days of Wonder or Fantasy Flight Games. My favorite titles are Runebound, Shadows Over Camelot, Doom and Arkham Horror.

If i have made some of you curious about all these games, check them out at Smile

Stay Cool !!
SpellcasterDX wrote:
I love chess. It's pretty awesome. I think it's also the only board game I ever play anymore. I used to like Monopoly, but now I can see how it's boring due to the fact it can keep on going forever without anyone winning.

Try the PC versions. very easy to win mate.
How about RISK II anyone? hehe Risk kick@ss Shocked

-Yes i went there. i swore. in the name of Risk HA!
i lile "Go"

it is better than chess.
and i like also backgommon.
it is very popular board game in Turkey.
Chess cant be beaten in this category., besides being entertaining its the., best for brain exercises.
My favorite is only Carcassonne. Very Happy Smile
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