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Help with Creating New Website Please?

Ok, I've been playing around with too many HTML editors and trying to learn to much HTML and really getting nowhere fast when it comes to making my webpage for my business.
Hopefully this community can help me by referring me good companies or point me into the right direction and hopefully quickly please.

I have a product that I want to sell online. It's only one so I guess I might not need an eStore because I can just use Paypal to take payments.

Maybe listing what I want to do would help give better suggestions:

1. Looking for a company that is good, reliable and reasonably priced to help me create my website.
2. I have an idea of what I want the page to look like and operate. I was thinking a webpage with frames but then heard that that type of page creates havoc for search engines. So what other suggestions are there? CSS? XHTML? I really don't know what's the latest info and best method out there today.
3. Looking to make my webpage easily searchable by most if not all the search engines in the US.
4. Make sure I have what's called "tags" I guess to make sure that my webpage gets to the top of search engines when keywords are input by the user.
5. Suggestion of if using my own Shopping Cart eStore would be better than just using straight Paypal?

Hopefully this is enough info to help get the suggestions started. Please let me know if there's any other info I can provide to help give an easier solution.

Thanks to everyone in this great forum for your help!

Also anyone have any tips with the iFrame code and search engines? Do they work well together?
Why don't you try some CSM like Joomla | or Wordpress ?

It's easy to figure out really simple, you can write tags, and create additional pages,
so that would save your time and money by looking for some company that would help
you to create website.
I haven't done this, but you could also open up an eBay store or an Amazon store. That way, your product will be listed with those companies when users search for those items. Not only that, but you don't need to worry about handling credit cards or anything like that. This is the way I would go if I were starting an online business. You get instant credibility as your product is associated with trusted online retailers instead of relying on your own credibility. That, to me, is invaluable, especially online. Not only that, but it is bound to be cheaper than finding a good web designer who can do what you need.

If you are however bound and determined to have your very own website, I would suggest looking locally so you can meet the person face to face. Place to start may be the good old-fashioned phonebook. Then check out some companies websites. Look for ones that look professional and offer the services you want, then call them up and get some quotes. That would then give you a better idea of how to proceed.

Good luck and I hope your product sells well!
Not exactly; if you're selling on eBay, your trustworthiness will be associated with your feedback score, not simply with eBay. But usually that's not a problem unless you have tons of negative feedback reviews.

I do agree that if you're only selling one product, you can try selling it on eBay or Amazon. It might be easier and cheaper too, since you don't have to go about designing your own website (and it looks like you don't have much experience in that area).
Good point, Insanity. I forgot about the feedback score. That shouldn't be a problem, though as long as you promptly send stuff and handle complaints well...
it's a mvc framework written in javascript, that way you have everything in a HTTP container and a browser, good way to learn for starts
ateawonton wrote:
it's a mvc framework written in javascript, that way you have everything in a HTTP container and a browser, good way to learn for starts

wow epic 6 year thread bump??
This is my 2013 version of the answer to the question "Help me learn HTML to create a website"

a) You actually WANT to learn HTML because you like programming and you want to learn a new skill and enjoy the process of coding and building sites

b) You DONT want to learn HTML, you're just doing it because you think you have to build the site yourself or hire a company to do it

my answer to the second option is, 'outsource it'
You don't need to know how to build the website, you just need to understand WHAT you want and have someone translate that into production,

much faster and simpler

on the other hand if you REALLY want to learn HTML, go for it
just use joomla as its the best CMS out in the market...
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