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what's the best way to advertise a website

I'm wanting to advertise my website but nothing is working... and for some reason google isn't taking my site?
you need to use meta tags...

Best way to advertise a website is word of mouth

Could you link us to the site so we can look over the code for the google problem?
Try reading this topic!
Try to keep content that helps and is sought after.
If u dont have content and u want to publicise it u r trying to sell refridgerator to eskimo.
No one promotes your site like a users does. so start finidn users that like ur site
obviously it depends on your budget but presuming you have little to spend on the promotion of the site then a viral campaign is naturally the way to go.

The following method carries the assumption that your site is content rich and/or innovative in some way to hook users once they have visited it initially.

If you want to spend nothing...

1) Plant seeds on forums, with a relation in terms of topic and content to your site
2) Create a facebook for your site (send links to your facebook friends)
3) Create a myspace for your site (send links to your myspace friends)
4) Set up a contra-deal with another site who send out newsletters to their database carrying your details and an advert for your site & your site advertises them in exchange.
5) incentivise the users of your site - offer a competition to win a fabulous prize. The prize comes from a seperate company who you offer ad space on site and brand exposure on all competition copy.
6) Get releases featured on news sites - the bbc website being the ultimate aim, but you won't get on this site without a newsworthy innovative story.

if you want to spend a little...

1) Google adwords are a must nowadays - the amount my organisation spend on SEO increases every year and it is seen as a key component in the online marketing mix.
2) Paid-for banner adverts on very high traffic sites are useful and generate large potential exposure but can be costly. Tyr to find the best deal for your money - get your banner adverts charged on impressions. That way you're paying for 50,000 views for example... not the fact that the site gets 4,500,000 page views a month.

if you want to spend a lot...

1) in-print adverts in relevant magazines where the content mirrors that of your site.
2) ADVERTS IN REGIONAL PRESS ARE THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO REACH A MASS AUDIENCE. If you are aiming for a "bit hit" of exposure, then coupled with targeted niche magazines, regional press newspapers are a must. People are regressing towards 'local' and local press is perceived as more trusted than any other media currently. Readership is declining year-on-year but that is a global trend for all newspapers. If you are going to spend a bit of cash, this is the place to spend it!
3) Branded promotional goods handed out at relevant events. (i.e. if you have a sports website, hand out sport related branded goodies to people outside a football stadium, and so on...)

if you want to spend a fortune...

1) Buy space on the outside of several buses. You will pay for a certain amount of weeks but always generally get longer as the advert stays on the bus until they sell the space again to someone else.
2) 48-sheets or 'billboards' allow for a large presence in areas of high-footfall.
3) TV can be effective as a branding tool but not to sell.

Whatever your budget is, do what the other guys all do, then try to think of something creative to do as well... that's how you get noticed!
a good example of a site that was initially marketed virally is - we took a very unconventional approach in the marketing of the site. Now we've stepped up the promotion as it grows in popularity but there's a lot to be said for 'word of mouth' as a componant in any marketing mix.
make a better sitemap, it will be easier for google to find your website.
[quote=smartled]make a better sitemap, it will be easier for google to find your website.[/quote]

Ah yes! A sitemap is a genius Idea, simple and raises the page rank, iirc. I think that I shall have to 2nd smartled's ideaa
post controversial stories and add a download page Very Happy
MacHutta wrote:
I'm wanting to advertise my website but nothing is working... and for some reason google isn't taking my site?

I also note that you're not using your signature...A lot of people advertise big, but forget about the small ways (like sigs, blogs, and charity sites).

HereticMonkey wrote:
I also note that you're not using your signature...A lot of people advertise big, but forget about the small ways (like sigs, blogs, and charity sites).

Considering he has only made 8 posts, I would say that he hasn't really bothered with kitting out his forum info completely yet.

Although, yes, of course he should put that up, in an unobtrusive way though, you're just as likely to annoy people with a big banner as to entice them.
Advertise a business is a really so easy, if you are making a proper marketing plan and use best marketing methods like social media marketing, email marketing, promotional product marketing etc. All that techniques are very effective to promote your website.
There are now several ways on how to promote and advertise your website such as SEO, Social bookmarking, social media marketin, PPC advertising and article submission which can also help you site get more traffic.
We use Twitter. The best thing is
You can reach customers world wide from Caracas or Dehli and Hungaria
and its easy cause they all can speak English.
find a facebook page/group that has similar content to your website then share out a few posts but be sure to keep within the admins guidelines.
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