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Hi I'm new here

I just wanted to say hi. I'm new to these forums, and i'm signing up for the free web hosting. i have some business plans i'm going to try out and hopefully they work. i'm not going to say exactly what it is because... i'm not all too sure what it is.

NE ways my name is Douglas, i'm 19, and uhh. i'm a male... and well that's all there is to know about me in general. I have other web pages one is an onlin store
[url]Machutta Mall[/url] it's not doing to great, but everything there works and it's making a little bit of $$$. ok well ttyl
Hi MacHutta. Welcome to FriHost. I suspect your experience with FriHost will be a good one - mine has.
Hello and welcome MacHutta just as crdowner said im pretty sure you will love it here everyone is very friendly and helpful and the moderators and admins are very understanding and helpful as well. I'd bet my life you will enjoy yourself here at Frihost! Smile
Welcome to this forum and hope you enjoy!

Took a quick look at your site, your link has a typo i think but found the first page. I am always interested in how a person goes about making a little money online. I would sure like to be able to pay for my internet equipment (upgades) so find what your doing very cool.

Dunno, might run into someday.
Good luck
Hello and welcome. Hope your stay here is a pleasant one, and that you get something good going with your business ideas. There are lots of good people on this forum so I'm sure you'll have a great time. See you around. Wink
I hope you enjoy this place. I have. You will find something about anything you are interested in and if not you can always create a new forum topic to find someone that can chat about most things that may interest you.
hello welcome.... Smile
Ghost Rider103
Hey, welcome to frihost. You deffiniately picked the right place for free hosting. This is by far the best out of all the other free hosting websites.

There is also a great community here. I no longer use this hosting since I have bought my own, but I still come here for the awesome community Frihost has.

Hope to see you around.
Hi friend welcome to the community....Hope you liked the forums...You are really gonna enjoy the forums....Frihost provides the best free web hosting in the planet...It not only provides free hosting..but also it gives you great support through it's forums...

Browse around through all the forums and keep on posting more and more....!!!Keep rocking...

Have a nice stay...!! Laughing Cool Laughing
hi MacHutta ,, I am also need the free host ,,, Welcome with you
Hi MacHutta,

By the way just now noticed that there is some mistake in the URL link that you provided....Check it...

I think it should be like this...
Hi Machutta,
Hope you enjoy the forum and also hope to see you around at here^^
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