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Adjusting Printer margin

Hi all. Got a problem to ask. I've got this pinwriter in the office, a Panasonic KX-P1131 that does not have an XP interface controller for the printer settings. All the printer properties has to be set up using the default XP printer software. The problem is, this printer has set its right margin 1/2 an inch inwards and there is no way of selecting the margin to print on edges like the other left, top and bottom margins which are fine. I've run the driver on Win 98 and the margins can be adjusted there. Just not on Win XP. Is there any way of adjusting printer margin via regedit? I've search but can't seem to find this printer properties in the registry file.

Due to the default right print margin, this printer causes our accounting software to print documents that are missing figures on the right page. Confused Replacing the print driver with another printer driver doesn't seem to help much either... it can print the figures out but carries forward to the next page as an empty page. Not good when you have to print invoices etc. in large volumes.
You might be able to create a custom form and adjust the paper size and/or margins. Most plain paper printers do have limits for all four margins. If yours uses continuous feed paper, you probably do not have that limitation.

You could also contact Panasonic to see if another driver is compatible.
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