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Mini Mp3 Player Suggestions?

I am looking to get a new mini Mp3 player to use while I am running. I have a couple in mind but I am not sure which one is best. Anyone have any experience with any of the ones listed below? Thanks

Creative Zen Stone 1GB (this one got good ratings on CNET)

Klegg 1GB Mini Mp3 Player (I have gotten a Klegg product before and liked it, so that is the only reason I am considering this one)

Cowon iAudio U2 1GB (another one rated well on CNET though I have never heard of this company)

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I think you should buy this mp3 player >> . Probably you think this model is a little old... if you look at the release date... but it is one of the BEST players on the market.

I've tried a few mp3 players and every one had advantages and disadvantages. Personally i owned only 2 mp3 players. The first was Genius DJ Vivid... or something like this. It was very small and the sound was good but above most of the mp3 players i've seen. It had a FM STEREO radio (if you don't know the difference between stereo and mono Neutral ) .... etc etc... ok... i wrote about 6 more lines about this mp3 player...but i realize that this is not the one i recommend Smile)

Hm... The idea is that the Packard Bell Pulse FM mp3 player is one of the best choices. The sound is beautiful, the headphones are very good (the wire too). You can see all the details you need HERE >> .

The things you should know about it, aren't specified there and i really care about >>

    it has STEREO FM radio and the reception is very very good. This kind of quality i've seen it only at expensive auto FM/CD players. Those players have a function that smoothers the transition between MONO and STEREO when the reception is good or bad.... so the audio experience is one of the best. This function is ... INCREDIBLE... implemented in this small mp3 player Very Happy.

    It records from the radio at 320 Kb/s ... so the sound it's clear and without quality loss.

    it records with the mic at 256 Kb/s at a max of 16 KHz sample rate.
... ahhh... and much more good things about it.

So... you will surely thank me if you will buy this jewel Smile
i would prefer to buy a cellphone with high memory capacity and mp3/mp4/ support rather than investing on an mp3 player! just a personal opinion.
Get An iPod...
I think Zen Stone plus would be a good choice as it is at least that quality as ipod but has some better features.
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